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Lumintop FW3C + holster $48.93
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Thank you for supporting this community project. The FW3A was designed by Fritz15 and the flashlight forums TLF & BLF. Brought to life by Lumintop. It is an ultra-compact and high-intensity flashlight with the only 92.5mm in length, and it delivers a max 2800 lumens amazing output by one 18650 battery. The metal and electronic tail switch control various functions including smooth ramping, stepped mode setting, strobe, etc. It is the EDC flashlight choice best if you are a flashaholic, flashlight collector, etc.
FW3A Copper is the copper material version FW3A.


Brand: Lumintop
Model: FW3A Copper
Emitter &
Color temperature:
Three LEDs on a copper DTP MCPCB e.g.
XP-L HI 1A: (CW 6500K)
SST20: (NW 4000K)
Nichia 219C: (NW 4000K)
Light color: XP-L HI Cool white
SST20 Neutral white
Nichia 219C Neutral white
Optic: Standard TIR Carclo 10511 optical lens
Flux: 2800 lm (XP-L Hi)
Intensity: 10 000cd ANSI throw ~200 m (XP-L Hi)
The FW3A uses free software called Andúril,distributed under the terms of the GPL v3. Code is available from
User interfaces:
  • [1] Defaulted SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided.
  • [3] MOMENTARY mode.
  • [4] MUGGLE mode. [5] Electronic LOCKOUT.
  • [5] Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
One flat-top or button-top 18650 cell. Anunprotected cell is recommended.
Max. length 66 mm. Cell is not included.
Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
Body: Aluminum with hard-coat anodizing
Switch: Electronic tail switch
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
Weight: Approximately 53 g without cells
Size: 25.5 mm Ø head x 92.5 mm length

User Manual:
FW3A English User manual

Package included:
1 x LUMINTOP FW3A EDC Flashlight
1 x Clip

Accessory Recommended:

Astrolux Flashlight Holder
Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery
XTAR VC2S 2 Slots Colorful VA LCD Screen USB Charging Battery Charger & Power Bank

It should be noted that ToyKeeper on BLF had a major contribution to this project, but she was not listed in the picture below. Details in posts below. ToyKeeper’s Profile

I think TK deserves at least some credit for handling the second half of the project all on her own, no?

Do you have a link to TK's posts on the project? Thank you.

By the way, I ordered one myself. Expected arrival (latest) is Aug. 4th. That's fast if that does come :D

I plan on adding the glow gasket.

/\ . +1 . She sure does…… :+1:

Most of the posts in the Original project thread ?

If you’ve read through anything in the official thread , it would be hard to miss her contribution. She wrote the firmware that runs the light, handled coordination with Neal to get the light produced as specified, and maintained the interest list for the group buy. There’s zero chance the light would have gotten produced without her considerable effort. She has something like 800 posts in that thread alone.

Sweet! Thanks for the summary. That is a major contribution to the project. I will let Banggood know.



Yep… the FW3A project as we know it would have just about certainly died a premature death without TK. When everyone else disappeared, she thankfully took control & push it to completion.
She deserves a TON of credit!!:beer:

Okay. I sent a Private Message to the FW3A Team about that one picture. I asked them to send me an updated one and then I would forward it to Banggood.

Yeah, that account is me. I’m wondering how to make it more clear that nobody checks messages there though. Since the group buy is over, the account is retired.

What she said.

I don’t exist any more.

Baaaa-haaaa…… priceless!! . :smiley: . :smiley: . :+1:

It helps to know the audience.

If people seem unhappy about this thread, it’s probably because of a few things:

  • Posting affiliate links
  • Not knowing even basic info about the item being promoted or its history on this site
  • Copy/pasting almost everything in the post from other people’s sites instead of writing something new

People probably wouldn’t comment on it if it was the usual random items with no direct relation to BLF, since this type of thread is not uncommon. But since a large chunk of BLF’s population has been actively involved in making this light happen (or at least following progress) for the past two years, people feel a stronger connection to it and react more when someone gets it wrong.

It’s not that Lumintop left my name out of an image. I don’t really care if my name is on it. It’s that a lot of people here have shaped this project and they feel a bit insulted by having it promoted at them for profit by someone who apparently hasn’t read the manual or the first post of the project’s main thread.

Basically, imagine if someone went to a cafe next to Apple’s headquarters, tried to sell people the brand new “IPhoen” and some off-brand accessories, didn’t recognize Tim Cook’s name, and asked how he was involved (CEO of Apple). It might not go over well.

But the same thing would be totally normal at a different cafe, or with a different product.

Does this make sense?

It makes sense. I know very little about it, but that will change since I did place an order for it. I'm actually trying to help give credit where its due. I'm not just a linker.

This post is in a Negotiated Deals category. Anything posted to it should be assumed to have an affiliate link. I love flashlights and have a decent collection. Posting deals is how I fund my collection.Anyone can just copy the coupon code and go to the site directly. Another reason why this isn't doing well is because of the price. I did a quick search before posting, but it is not the best deal currently.

The Apple analogy isn’t 100% accurate, of course. Instead of having a thousand employees building a product, there are a thousand community members helping. But people’s attachment is still pretty similar.

For example, let’s look at someone in this thread… teacher. I’m pretty sure he has read every last post in the main FW3A thread and several others. He has posted hundreds or maybe even thousands of times about it. And he maintains the most comprehensive knowledge base about the FW3A. It’s probably safe to say he has invested hundreds of hours in this project. That’s a pretty strong connection. And he’s only one of many, many people who have been involved.

So… that’s the audience here. They spent a lot of time helping bring this product into existence. And although they’re a pretty friendly and patient crowd, they’re probably not going to react positively to someone who doesn’t even know how to spell the product’s name.

Thanks for catching the error.