Lumintop Geek on Massdrop for $39

As title says, Geek on Massdrop for $39.
Still pretty high for a little light, but if you were holding out for a sale, here’s one.
If you didn’t know, massdrop only shows stuff if you’re a member so you probably have to sign up to see it or buy it.
If this is bothersome maybe hold out a little longer for the other sites to catch up. This price may be an indicator of things to come for the Geek as I’m sure sales are a little slow with the $59 price tag.

Here’s a link but it probably won’t work if you’re not a member. Not my rules, no affiliation. Yes, I agree, it’s off-putting but they occasionally have some pretty good deals.

At AliExpress : LUMINTOP Official Store

US $.39,59
And with a clip!

Showing as $59.99 for me.

Sorry. You are right. They changed the price now.
But user Freeme has a couponcode for this light.
I ordered one that way. But that was before I saw AliExpress was cheaper.
Today I checked, and the couponcode is still active.
Ask him if you don’t want to pay to much.

Considering that the HOT SALES on the official store don’t hold a candle to the prices I see on BLF I’m gonna hold out a little longer.
Ima hold out for $29 with free shipping!
Sound crazy? Maybe, but BLF has offered up some amazing deals and I’m sure Lumintop knows that they’ll sell a metric feces-ton if they get posted on here for a bargain price.

It’s down to $41.99 on aliexpress.

Also, noticed front light is 350 lumens for 30 minutes, 125 lumens for 1hr 50 minutes, and the side light is 350 lumens for 1hr 50 minutes.
Is this a typo or is there such an advantage to multiple emitters that you’ll get almost 4x the runtime?

Whatever happened to the Lumintop Geek? Seems to be sold out most places… was it a success for the company? I wonder if they have a newer version in the works.

EDIT: It’s still around, just requires a little digging around… FastTech has it.