Lumintop GT micro

Got mine today Better than I expected and it’s cute. :slight_smile:

Kindly post the run times of the micro please.

It takes some specialized equipment to monitor lumen output and battery voltage at the same time. Very few people on BLF can do this.

I’m not asking for technical stuff, just how long will it run from turbo on maximum thermal setting until the lvp kicks in for example , it may of been posted before but I haven’t got much time to spend to search , I don’t plan on getting one but I’m just curious,I could do that on my D1 to compare if anyone is interested.

It has to be kinda technical because we need to understand what level the output drops down to. This has a big effect on run times. Plus with it being a FET driver, the output is constantly falling.

I would not recommend Turbo to LVP. That drains the battery fast. Maybe from Top of Ramp to LVP would be more practical. I have a lumen tube, but no data logging equipment. I’d have to sit there and watch the lumens drop with a stop watch and note pad. I don’t have time for that.

I can probably do a simple timed run with one of my two batteries tomorrow. We know the output will slowly ramp down with voltage so I won’t need to measure the lumens.

What battery do you prefer, the 800mah or 650mah?

Jason, you can use Ceilingbounce a flashlight testing and runtime graphs app for Android

from Zak Wilson
Q: Introducing Ceilingbounce - flashlight testing and runtime graphs for Android

Don’t worry about it , it sounds like to much trouble ,I was just looking for a ball park figure just to feed my curiosity, it’s not that bigger deal.

I tested all my 14500 flat tops, some that did not work in the EDC05C - they all worked fine in the Micro. Didn't try the protected cells yet though.

Anyways, though this was good news for the Micro.

A ballpark figure of the runtime at max is doable: assuming a high drain 14500 cell, the Micro draws a few amps, say 3. The capacity of a typical high drain 14500 is 700mAh, so you’re done in 14 minutes.
In practice, with the Micro running a FET on turbo the current decreases during draining, so the runtime is a bit longer than 14 minutes. If you use the bit lower drain 1000mAh Vapcell will also give a bit longer runtime, at a bit lower output, you may end up with half an hour.

Thanks. :+1:

Shame. After two days of normal behaviour after the initial hiccup, I found the flashlight had turned itself on, and the switch has stopped having any effect. Put the battery in and it comes on at what looks like full power. There must be a short somewhere.

I would contact Neal, Banggood or M4D M4X about a replacement. (I’m not sure who you bought it through)

It sounds like a short, most likely to the reflector with issues like this. If you can try to open the bezel and see if the wires are shorting to the reflector.


I just received mine, popped in a keeppower 840mah 14500 and tried to switch it on, nothing, just flickering. Having read previous posts, I stripped the torch down and cleaned all contacts with meths and now working perfectly. Must have been some goo on the contacts.

There was also sticky goo around the bezel seam that I had to clean off

Lovely little light though. I need a better 14500, the keeppower seems to be limiting the output.

I missed some of the goo on the head when cleaning, only noticed when got back to the house.

Fits ok in a Convoy S2 holster

Compared to GT Mini in C8 holster it is tiny!

I was able to do a run time test using my Windyfire 650 mAh battery. I started it from the top of the ramp.

00:00 Start
04:15 stepdown due to heat
04:55 another stepdown due to heat
Stayed at 130 lm for a long time
1:15:00 LVP stepdown
1:16:00 LVP stepdown
1:17:00 LVP stepdown
1:18:00 LVP stepdown battery at 3.00 volts

This was at room temperature with no airflow.

My light arrived today but there appears to be a problem with it.

I put a battery in, fired it up and it seems to work fine, ramping is all good etc. However I put it in turbo and within about 5 seconds smoke started to appear from the emitter and the emitter has tiny burn dots on it now. Looks like I’m going to have to contact Neal for a replacement.

wow i guess they did a bad job with the emitter and the board ? thats an obvious warranty issue so a replacement should be sent out.

Looks like some dust/dirt was on the LED surface and caused it to burn. Possibly a solder flux splatter as well.

Looks like the results of solder flux splatter to me, sometimes the stuff spits and it lands on the emitter, it’s usually clear and not readily noticeable. An alcohol dipped q-tip might clean it off, but now that it’s burned on it might not clean up so easily. A simple emitter replacement will solve the problem in a worst case scenario. Two wires…