Lumintop Prince Copper Review

Lumintop Prince - Copper version

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Manufacturer Stats:
Bulb: Cree XM-L2(U2)
Output / runtime:
25 lumens (65 Hours)
170 lumens (11 Hours)
1000 lumens (2.5 Hours)
Max Beam Intensity: 7110cd
Max Beam Distance: 169 Meters
Modes: 3 Modes(Low(Default)-Mid-High)
Size: Length: 4.49” (114mm)
Head Diameter: 0.87” (22mm)
Body Diameter: 0.87”(22mm)
N.W: 3.74oz(106g)
Working Voltage: 3v-8.4v
Battery Type: 1 x 18650 /2 x CR123
Water Resistant: IPX-8 (2 meters)
Impact Resistant: 1.5 meters
Accessories: 2 x O-ring, Holster


The lumens that Lumintop advertises on very close to the numbers I got via my calibrated ceiling bounce test

above are my ceiling bounce tests compared with a group of other lights. All lights were using freshly charged 18650 batteries. You can see that the lumintop is very competitve when it comes to brightness amongst it’s 3 modes.

chart above is brightness measured using 2x16340 batteries

chart above is brightness measured using 2xCR123 batteries

Ok… now onto some runtime/lux charts!

16340 chart

18350 Chart

CR123 Chart

So as you can see the Lumintop Prince falls right into the middle of the pack for performance amongst all 4 types of batteries I tested with. One cool thing to note is that both the Thrunite TN12 and the Prince both tripped the protection in the batteries during the CR123 test. I would definitely not recommend that you use the light with CR123 batteries.

Runtimes: (turbo)
ncr18650B - 113 minutes
CR123 - 100 minutes
xtar imr18350 - 60 minutes
olight 16340 - 36 minutes

One important thing to note is that the flashlight has thermal regulation. Lumintop reports a much longer runtime on Turbo than what you see reported here. If you were to leave the light alone I’m sure you would reach that runtime. However I reset the light every couple minutes so that it maintained 100% the entire time with no step-down. You should also note, this is a pretty silly thing to do. The light got blazingly hot and it was probably not good for the light. However… I do this sort of stuff so that you don’t. So, if you run this thing as hard as you can your going to get 113 minutes with an ncr18650B. More if you actually let the thermal step-down do its job.


So, as you can see the copper oxidizes nicely. I think it is developing a beautiful patina. If you don’t like it you can also paint the copper with laquer to stop it from oxidizing. The flashlight has a recessed connection in the head, so your going to need button top batteries. Also there is no LVP so protected batteries are recommended. Seems to fit a wide variety of battery sizes from Samsung 30q to NCR18650B. It has AR coating on both sides of the lens, smooth reflector. the switch is absolutely top notch. The light tail stands perfectly because the switch is recessed and is a reverse clicky. It reacts perfectly to mode changes. All in all, the fit and finish on the light was perfect when I got it. After a few days of pocket carry it started to show some basic pocket wear. This is 100% to be expected with a copper flashlight. Although I didn’t like the carbon fiber at first, during extended runtime tests it was very useful when it came to picking up this guy. the carbon fiber seemed to always be cool to the touch. I put the quick quality on this as above average. Most manufacturers don’t give you a leather holster, they don’t seal the flashlight in mylar, and they don’t put the time and effort into a beautiful fit and finish. Really very happy with the construction and quality of the light.

Beam Shots:

This is by no means a budget light. However, considering the quality of the fit and finish, and the solid performance this light shows it is definitely a winner. I pushed this light to the limits and it was able to handle it. This light gets super hot, but the carbon fiber makes it easy to handle. Im a bit skeptical about mixing copper with carbon fiber, but functionally it is very helpful. With a light like this your going to have to expect pocket wear and a good patina to develop over time. Thats just the nature of copper. This light wasn’t the best performer of the pack, but its performance was respectable and it has a nicely focused beam, and comes with a great leather holster.

Is this light for everyone? NO! I definitely wouldn’t recommend the copper version if you are going to be tough on the light. The copper is too soft to expose to hard use. This is definitely a light for people who appreciate good craftmanship and also want solid performance. This is a light that would look fantastic in a display, but also has the performance to back it up. I wouldn’t recommend this as a light to take fishing or hunting. It is definitely a light for people who love flashlights, and not a light you want to toss around the truck. Could you? yes. but do you want to?
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Thanks for the review. I’m still on the fence with this one. For the price of this light, I don’t understand why it doesn’t have LVP.

I agree. I primarily use IMR flat tops these days. The light would be more appealing if I could slap in a 30q or mj1 without modification.

Thanks for the review! I was very interested in the prince but the thin body/bezel and triangular threads held me back from ordering this light, I’m worried that it probably wouldn’t survive a drop.

It´s more like a collector’s item.

Thank you for a nice review. I did not buy this light, and probably never will. And even then it’s most likely to end up in a display case.
Later this day I will have to do the reading of the watermeter. It is placed in a Harry Potter like cupboard under the stairs. Filled with lots of shelves, stacked up the wazoo with ton’s of my wife’s bargains. It is like a micro assault course for contortionists. The only weapons allowed are a small mirror, because the meter is placed upside down facing the wall, and a flashlight. Somehow I don’t think this Prince would be my first choice. I’ll take the Boney.

really good pictures and graphs!

thanks for sharing!

how are you connected to Lumintop (“our website” in OP) ?

Nice review thanks
Can you show a pic of the inside of the tube?

No LVP on a light this expensive is a real miss IMHO

Edit I can’t see the threads so are they square/trapezoid or triangular?