Lumintop SD75 De-domed test with pics.

Today i tried to de-dome one of my SD75 just to see the result.

Distance from light to trees about 200meters.

The beam became a bit more yellow but i like that and the hotspot became smaller and more intense.

Anybody tried to crank up the amps on the driver yet? Dont know how to do it but whould like to know.



Thanks i figured it out just now aswell :bigsmile:

How did you dedome it?

With a razorblade :evil:

Ah, Vinh claimed no tint shift when dome shaving vs gasoline on an XP-L I think.

i like the tintshift towards neutral
the difference is like my SD75 vs. my K60

about cranking the driver…

i believe that the LED (at least mine) is a low bin (K2) because the LED gets near 6A and only deliveres 3100 Lm :open_mouth:
-> the N4 Richard sent me is hold from the austrian customs since wednesday :expressionless:
i hope the exchange will bring a big jump forward

after that the driver will be pushed

after that the driver will be changed to one with a useful UI :wink:

Ah okey. Who is Richard? Whould like to order some myself.

You have any plans on the new driver?

Now i see. Richard is from MTN?

Richard = RMM = mountain electronics :wink:

driver: maybe LD-2 or Richards FET +7135 with the BLF A6 SE ui

Razor dedomed or completely dedomed with a razorblade? -> tint shift!??

Did you measured the lux specification in comparison?

Thx :wink:

I used a razorblade and just cut of the dome as far down as i could. Nothing else.

The tint went a little yellow or neutral. Nice tint now :wink:

ohh and i dont have the gear to measure lux unfortunatly.

Thx for your quick response! :wink:

Yes, the tint looks nice, you’re right! Interesting, maybe I’ll try it. 8)

Yes, go ahead and try. I’m sure you whould be happy with it.

Looks good, wonder when they will start making “HI” versions of that led…

Anyone knows what bin led is the K60?