Lumintop Tool 2.0 18650 equivalent?

In the 14500 size, the Tool 2.0 seems to be the most suggested flashlight when folks ask what to buy. I’m in the market for a 18650 light now and there are so many reviewed here that it’s a bit confusing. In order to help me choose, are there a couple of “must have” lights that you guys would suggest in the 18650 size? Thanks

What is your budget? Do you are about high CRI? Do you want more throw or flood?

For budget lights that you can grab from Amazon you can go for the Wurkkos FC11 or the Sofirn SC31b.

If you want a more “hot rod” type light then consider the FW3A or D4V2. These are floody flashlights and can output an insane amount of light. Please be careful with them as they get very hot on turbo and can burn materials and cloth.

And if you have a higher budget, then consider one of Zebralight’s SC64c LE or SC64w HI.

The Convoy S2+ is a very nice popular light that uses an 18650 that has an optional short tube for use with 18350 cells.

The S2+ is available in about a dozen colors and several emitter choices starting in the $9.xx range.

My personal favorite is the S2+ with the high lumen SST40.

I like the price of that. Do you have the 5000k or 6500k version?

I have the 6500k. but will compare to 5000k when it arrives.

The S2+ with SST40 has a copper mcpcb and 5A driver

I like cool white in the 5700k to 6500k range.

Over 6500k is not on my like list as are yellow tints but to each his own.

Oh yeah, the S2+ is a must have. It’s cheap, compact, simple, easily serviceable (or moddable), lightweight and if you ask me, pretty nice to look at. And with the amount of parts that exist for it, versatility is through the roof. It can be a modest thrower with an XP-L HI and smooth reflector, it can be a floody pocket rocket with an SST-40 and wide angle TIR or orange peel reflector, or anything inbetween.

To get you started, one with a smooth reflector, a Nichia 219c emitter, 7135×4 driver and Biscotti firmware is hard to pass up. Nicely balanced beam profile, high CRI, and excellent runtimes even with small-capacity batteries.

Speaking from being a noob into the realm I was greatly impressed with the S2+ in 5k. I feel like this was a great starter light that you aren’t afraid to use.

I agree with them guys. S2+ is a must have. Even if you do end up going a different direction. Hard to beat for the money. I guess it could be considered a big boy Tool. I don’t like the Tool but that is only one mans opinion. Whatever your emitter choice, just make sure you get one with Biscotti firmware. Opens up options so you can get it just the way you like it. 18350 tube and a bolt on clip is a must in my book as well. Those clip on S2+ clips are quite awful.

At this point in time I don't think an SST40 driver is available with biscotti firmware yet.

The S2+ with SST40 is also only available at this time in a blue gray color.

It has a smooth reflector,both springs are bypassed,has a copper mcpcb and driver retaining ring.

The Cree XML2 and XPL hi models with 6*7135 and 8*7135 have the driver soldered to the pill

I switched the SST40 parts into a red host and it is gorgeous.

I just made a triple XP-G3 with Dr Jones driver,10507 optic and Hoop's copper pill in a green host.

I power my S2+ lights with Samsung 30Q and Sony VCT6 cells

Thanks for the replies. I ordered the S2+ 6500k.
I just now realized that the UV flashlight I ordered last year is the S2+ 365nm version.
Since I don’t use a UV light very often, what would it take to mod it for everyday use? Is it a matter of just swapping out the head?
What parts would I need to buy? Links?

Which 6500k LED in the S2+ you ordered

You could just leave the UV S2+ as is and build an S2+ starting with a host in a color you prefer.

Mountain Electronics in Utah s a good place to start looking for parts for a build but a build will require some soldering.

You need to choose a driver and emitter to put in the S2+ host.

If you're ordering parts from the Convoy Store on AE then choices may be different.

The Convoy Store is scheduled to reopen tomorrow but with the corona virus still not under control and people in China have restricted movement so normal operations may not resume for a few more weeks.

Some domestic parts supplies may start becoming stained without resupply from China.

I got the SST40 version.
Thanks for the link to Mountain Electronics. Soldering is no issue for me and I’m now excited about building my own light!

You can get a led of your choice already on a 16mm board, grab a 17mm biscotti driver, and a pill. Two easy solder connections and you have a spare to swap between lights. I don’t know what the UV S2+ uses for a reflector and lens so you might need them as well. If you are in the states I can send you as many lens’s and reflectors you need. I am fresh out of pills and drivers. I do have some led’s and plenty of boards but I don’t have anything near 6500K. I have some 5000K led’s if you can live with that. Think I have some Luxeon V2’s and Samsung LH351’s at 5000K. Everything else I have will be warmer than that.