Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 HM Homemade EDC Flashlight Kit

I just received my Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 HM Homemade EDC Flashlight Kit, and it didn’t include the lighted tail switch, as indicated at listed Feature ” k) Eye-catching led indicator on the tail (works for 14500 LIion battery only) ” here: Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM

Anyone else order one of these and not receive the lighted tail cap switch?

Kind of disappointed it wasn’t included, even though it is listed as being included.
I also noticed it no longer shows a picture of the lighted tail switch, as it did when I ordered it.
But it still lists it in the “Features”.

So all I got out of this kit is an additional pill/emitter for an additional $16, over the already assembled Tool AA 2.0, with 14500 battery, diffuser, and included additional magnetic tail cap, that I purchased from Amazon.

If I would have known that, I would have just purchased another one, from Amazon.

Also bought (and GAW) a Lumintop Tool AA 2.0. In my case there I had no information that a lighted tailcap was (or should be) included. So I added one myself. That’s no rocket science.

You need:
1 - Lighted switch, available at BG, FT or Convoy. Needs to be filed down circa 1mm.
2 - Nylon washer M8, availabe in any big DIY store. Adjust size on benchgrinder (3min).
Make it same size as the alu washer that comes out of the tailcap.
3 - A translucent rubber tailcap cover 14mm diam.
Be aware that the tailcap covers that come in complete lighted tailcap sets usually are too big.

First impressions can fool you. The retaining ring in the tailcap combo has a counter clockwise thread!

If with your set include the 14500, it is from the first batch, the lighted tail switch is not included.
The lighted tail switch is included with the second batch, then the 14500 is not included.


This is a screen capture from current batch .

This must be from the third batch.

The batch where you don’t get a 14500 battery, or a lighted tail switch.

I thought it was only Olight that does that Bait&Switch tactic, but I guess not.


Thank you for the information on what it would take to build my own. That was very considerate of you to provide it.