Lumintop Tool AA - Quickie

I see PVM on low. Fairly obvious to me.

Do you guys think theres any chance Lumintop will introduce a AA Tool with nichia or warm/neutral xpl?

Anyone found a GOOD clip that could go on the tool AA ?
I want to love this light but the stock clip is both useless (too flimsy) and misplaced IMHO…

I plan to use one of these

I use them on all my AAA lights to make them dissapear in my jeans pocket. Hope it works for the AA too.

I have a bunch of them, but do you glue them on the flashlight ? or just use them normally as danglers ?

I use them as danglers X3-

The tool aa came in the mail this week. I really love the size. Really great for EDC. I used the tool aaa for that last year, but 10440 is just draining a bit fast.
18650 is too thick IMO.

I plan to mod it with a Fet+1 driver (I need voltage check) and warmer emitter. I also want to swap out the AR coated lens to get rid of the purple spill. Illuminated tailcap would be a nice bonus. I will try to recess the button a bit too, so it can tailstand.
That being said, I like it a lot, enough to use as my new EDC host :+1:

I just got my Tool AA. So far, it’s not impressive compared to something like the Sofirn SF14

  • The mode spacing is not the best, low could be lower, high could be higher.
  • A lower low is more essential to this product since the modest high translates as longer runtimes, so it’s a fair trade off depending on what you need from a flashlight.
  • L>M>H UI with no memory is way better in my opinion than the AAA M>L>H. Actually, even the mode spacing is better than the AAA despite still needing improvement.
  • PMW, while worse than the AAA, is actually not as bad as I expected. I can only hear it if I actually jam it into my ear, but maybe I’m already going deaf from extended earphone use. And I cannot see it unless I point to something like a ceiling fan, or wave something in from of it. I also can’t see PWM for lights where it’s lower frequency and louder, unless in the cited conditions. It would be bad in a photograph, thou.
  • Build quality is nice, the walls are thin but you get a lighter product, again, a fair trade off, specially if you know exactly what you need from it. I also found nothing wrong with the clip, which is something I’ve read negative remarks about. It clips nicely to my cap (only downside I find in the Sofirn SF14 is not having a reversible clip for cap brim use)
  • It’s missing a lanyard hole on the magnetic tailcap. I like lanyards.
  • Talking of lanyards, I have a bunch of lumintop’s own cool orange lanyards. It’s weird that this light came with a purple flat one. It’s not bad, but I like the other ones better.
  • The GITD difuser is a nice accessory that will see use in other AA flashlights I have as well.
  • It’s pretty compact with the thin walls and magnetic tailcap. I bit awkward to have as a twisty that is not small like the Tool AAA, but I can get used to it.

I’m citing the SF14 a lot because it has a lot of the same characteristics, but with a lot of the added qualities I miss on the Tool AA, and for about half the price. So taking price into consideration, the Tool AA is not high on the AA recommendation list as the Tool AAA is on the AAA list, even thou I like it.

If you use the magnetic tailcap with the clip, you can attach the lanyard in the top of the clip, there is a small hole there :wink:

One question I have about the emitter:

the Tool AA has an XP-L, while the brighter SF14 uses an XP-G2. At AA levels of current, does one has any edge over the other? Wouldn’t cost favor the XP-G2 in this case? The XP-L does have a larger hotspot, so might be a matter of making the beam floodier?

Not perfect, but is a work in progress (on the tip and on the top :person_facepalming: ), and maybe it can give you some idea!
I used a Convoy clip and cut it, put a srew and a hexnut in one of the tailcap holes, and used heatshrink tube around the clip, just because :smiley:
Here’s the result! Not pretty, but it will be :wink:
The original is in inverted position just…because :smiley:

It’s a start, but it’s how I imagine that I will do it too.
I’ll start with a convoy clip I think, they’re cheap and strong enough for an AA light (but not for an S2+ IMO)

Later, I bent the clip on the middle and now the tip seats correctly on the body of the flashlight!
I could have made it shorter and less “rude” but this way it is working fine!! :smiley:
As I normally say about my lights, not beautiful, but practical :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my version : Olight H1R clip bended plus heatshrink

Nice :wink: :+1:

Nice clip!

It surprises me the AA gets such low ratings. I really love it as an A+ host. Just mod it a little. Even as is it’s quite nice IMO. Illuminated tailcap fits with allmost no modifications.

It would be nice for non modders if Lumintop would upgrade the driver.

After seeing Dutchee’s post awhile ago, I remembered I had a similar pocket clip (hanging clip) and thought about trying it on the Tool AA.
However, mine was not reliable (its is some alloy, that bends and breaks easily…) , so I ordered some stronger clips on AliExpress and they arrived today!!

Here’s my “sketch” of a new deep carry clip! Not perfect, but is a work in progress!!

Yeah, those EDC clip are nice to mod at less than 1$ each but you have to buy the “X” marked ones

The “X” marked? Why is that?
The ones I bought are quite nice, not easily bendable or breakable :wink:

They are the sturdy ones, not the crappy unfinished models :

Funny: the first I got has that X on the back and it is too soft! If I force it, it will break!
The ones I received today don’t have the X and are pretty sturdy!
The material is 3CR13 Stainless Steel and is tough! I won’t break this easily…I may need some cutting tool to make that!