Lumintop Tool - Question

Hi all. I have the Lumintop Ti tool, but I am not very happy with its M-L-H mode order. I remember hearing about another Lumintop Tool that had a L-M-H order, which I much prefer. Does anyone know what model/version of the Tool has the L-M-H order? Thanks in advance.

Frank A.

it might be the AA model they just came out with.

I have a Lumintop Tool Ti that is L/M/H, that i got from Reylight through a group buy on here IIRC - WWEFANS is a member on here and the guy you need to speak to.



I got a regular Tool AAA recently and it’s still M-L-H, but could be old stock

ReyLight TiTool is LMH, available here

I recently got a Tool AA from Amazon, and it has l-m-h. :slight_smile: It also has very annoying pwm. :frowning: My led was pretty off center, too. Not bad for a first run, but hopefully they improve it in future runs/versions.

yup, thanks for sharing your info
The AA Tool has No Nichia, and is Aluminum w PWM.
Fwiw, the TiTool has NoPWM

FYI, the LMH TiTool, only comes w a Nichia… Is that the LED you have in your MLH TiTool? Or do you prefer Low CRI and Cool White Cree LED, that is 30% brighter, but makes red look brown?


Mine has the CW Cree emitter, and it looks like it just sold on the WTS forum. Thanks.


the CW is 6000k 70CRI
the Nichia is 4000k 90CRI

I hope you Love the Nichia version as much as I do. Don’t be shocked if it looks more yellow or warm, during the day. I find the warmer color temperature more pleasant at night. And Im strongly biased for High CRI, it will make much more realistic reds, including making the palm of your hand not look like a zombie :slight_smile:

It is a Massdrop exclusive brass light.

Massdrop Lumintop AAA Tool, Brass

yes, also LMH, but made of unobtanium, and as heavy as copper, Titanium weighs 25% less.
and the Low on the Massdrop is 3 lumens while on the ReyLight it is 1 lumen, Imo better.
Im biased, not a fan of brass because it contains lead and is a poor conductor, like Ti… Im into copper :slight_smile:

I think the brass one is a Reylight as well (It’s unmarked, but identical to the titanium unit). I have been pushing for a copper version with the electronic button for awhile now. We need to get enough people to bend Rey’s ear to make a copper one. That said, my brass AAA tool is my favorite one to carry.

actually not, the TiReylight has a considerably lower low than the Brass Massdrop

All the tools, including Ti and the Brass are Lumintop made.

The ReyLight runs were funded by a man in china, before selling them.

The Massdrop run was funded by buyers advancing purchase funds to a guy in New York, to cover his manufacturing costs and profit without personal risk.

Mr Reylight asked for different driver specs from Lumintop, than Mr Massdrop. Lumintop has never offered a non ReyLight Tool, with a ReyLight driver (1 lumen low, first).

Lumintop uses a 3 lumen low, and usually MLH. Except for the brass Tool which is only a Massdrop release, that kept the 3 lumen low, but made it come first.

glad you’re enjoying your Brass w Electronic switch… I agree it would be cool if they also made a Copper version.