Lumintop Worm Replacement?

Hi MascaratumB,

I thought I remembered that, but could not fnd it.

I have a used copper worm w Nichia available, PM me if interested

you can also consider the Prometheus Beta, it is based on the Worm, but there are some differences, I can go into more details if you have questions after looking at their site

Thanks, Jon. They are too expensive for me. I normally dont,t buy lights over $15, and prefer$10.

yes, I understand, this is BLF after all
I did see this link for a copper worm, just fwiw, I have not tried it, or confirmed if they offer Nichia\_encoding=UTF8&me=

I have not heard of any 10 dollar Worms, I only know about fancy copper ones with Nichias.

I hope you find something that makes you smile… maybe check out the Sofirn AAA w Yuji

I appreciate your help, Jon.
I have had a Thrunite Ti 3 for years, but did not use it for whatever reason. I dug it out while checking some runtimes. They are not realy all that important to me now as I cannot hike or walk much. However, as might be expected on Hi it lasted about 1 hr with Eneloop. But in the medium mode it lasted 8 hrs-17 min with an eneloop. I realize that is due to a lesser output tham many others at 14 lm (I think) but that is enough light to see well in the dark. Most other similar lights lasted 3-4 hours. If I were hiking or camping that would be an advantage.


I also have a Ti3, it has one of the lowest firefly levels of any of my lights. I seldom use it. The medium runtime you got sounds excellent, I think it is about 12 lumens, and agree that is useful in the dark. I dont know if I would get 1 hour on Hi, but that is not a mode I use much, as Im usually indoors and do do much hiking or camping lately.

I have a very nice assortment of AAA lights with a range of Nichia LED CCT mods.

My latest interest is the Aspheric lens, I started with several Utorch S1 Mini, they are on sale btw. Next Im expecting a Klarus Mi1C, also aspheric. Im hoping for a longer runtime on Medium than the Utorch.
maybe you have seen some of my photos, heres a pretty one

enjoy your lights!

ps, did you see this $10 option:

It does not show on that page. Actually I like the Nitefox K3. It is $9.90. :smiley:

you probably would have to log in to Massdrop to see the link I gave you… in any case, this is the pic the link goes to:

wow! that Nitefox K3 looks similar to a Maratac and a Thrunite, it even has a diffuser, HatLamp Clip and keyring clip… nice find!

the mode levels, clip, and keyring of the K3:

are very similar to the Thrunite Ti3

thrunite clip:

Myguess is the Nitefox is a relabeled Thrunite, for $5 lower price.

The K3 has been on my pocket since I got it :wink:
Made a review of it and on the top you find links for other BLF reviews!
Nice little light :wink:

BTW, K3 lowest level is not 0.1 lumen! It is quite above of the 0.5 from the Olight S1R and the 0.2 of the Sofirn SP10B :wink:
Here: “REVIEW”: NITEFOX K3 – AAA Keychain flashlight - #9 by MascaratumB

thanks, I read your review also
I always appreciate your contributions

Oh, ok jon :wink: I just went back to see what I had posted and noticed that there was that pic there! But, I wanted to clarify, despite I have no objective way to measure them :wink:

Your contributions are highly appreciated as well my friend :wink:


I’ve ordered from bazaar recently and although they advertise copper they send stainless, I sent it back and asked them to check their stock, they said they had it and sent another stainless. After sending them a picture of a real copper flashlight for comparison and asking them for a picture of the actual product they would send they admitted they were out of stock and would take down the amazon item - 2 months ago. A lot of hassle but I got a refund and wound up with a free stainless worm.

thanks for sharing info that Copper Worm is not available
congrats on your stainless one :slight_smile:

what about this one ?

Has some nice features
fwiw, the copper AAA Pineapple uses a 219c they are brighter and greener than 219b… My snobby self much prefers the 219b…

a bit more info:

[QUOTE=jon_slider;5117221]Looks to me like a slightly modified Lumintop Worm host, with a new driver and LED. I expect it has PWM like the brass Tool

it will make people that like the thrunite Ti3 line, because of the firefly being so dim, and because it comes first. For my preferences the low is too low, and I would not be happy having to twist twice to get past it for most uses. Im just not an LMH fan

I don’t get the point of LiIon in AAA size, it gives just 10 minute runtimes on high…

So far all the Pineapples have had PWM, so, I have no plans to be an early adopter of a light that won’t ship til October, but thanks for pointing me to some pretty copper bodies…

heres the brass AA one too:

plus a review:

I was gonna say that they both remind me of the Glaree E03

which were on sale a ways back and I kinda stocked up. :smiley:

They make great zipper-pulls.

yup, seems to share Thrunite DNA w firefly mode first

Lumintop Worms are MLH, which I find much more practical

’Cept at night. :smiley:

M/L/H just drives me batty. Even my Jet-II with nice stiff head, I’d rather it start on firefly and have to retwist to get it brighter, vs ruining my night-vision at night.

For an EDC, just drop firefly/low, iffen you ax me, as firefly/moonlight/ultralow likely would almost never be used (except without first ruining your night-vision, as mentioned).

I use firefly when I wake to pee. I have not had any issue ruining my night vision, even with my MHL Olight i3s, because I turn the light on against my hand, as I flip through the MH to get to L (The LED is modded to 3000k N219c, so now moonlight is a firefly level)

Lumintop worms btw, do not have moonlight (I define as ~0.5), nor firefly (I define as ~0.1). Copper Worms have 3 lumen lows w Nichia.

The Thrunites and the clones, and also the latest aluminum Worms, are not available with Nichia

that Nichia thing is a BIG deal to me

Ive been testing Cool White and Neutral White LEDs to try and develop a more open mind, but honestly, I always give priority to my nichia lights when it comes time to EDC…

as we are now on various non Worm, Low CRI, and different UI topics, I suggest checking out my latest post about Olight CR123 lights. I mention it because they have moonlight modes, and last mode memory. Possibly one of the best UIs Ive played with… more info here