Luminus MP1616 / Xnova Cube

Inspired by Clemence I took a look at some mid power LEDs.
These are not very bright when used individually but can be used in large groups to build cheap but powerful flood lights:

  • domestic lights
  • lanterns
  • mules

Luminus MP1616 caught my attention.

Not the cheapest around but:

  • CRI95
  • specced to be located at the BBL
  • 3V
  • still quite cheap at ~1500 lm/$. That’s CRI95 without overdriving, bulk price.
  • fairly dense (24 lm/mm², CRI95 without overdriving)
  • available with wide or very wide emission pattern

Note that the overdriving potential is likely to be very low due to:

  • very high thermal resistance
  • not great efficiency to begin with
  • large performance drop with temperature

But I think that even stock they make an interesting choice for budget flooders. :slight_smile:

That is the Luminus Cube I guess? (edit: yes) It has been debated before, I wanted some to check out because they go down to 1800K with still 90+CRI, but they are only at Mouser and shipping is too high.

Yes, Luminus Xnova Cube.
Digikey has them as well though I’m not sure if that’s any cheaper.

They are also available from Alcom:

Yes, but I doubt that they have any stock, or that you can buy small quantities. They work with quotes and sample requests, probabky only if you are an interesting enough customer, which for the less than 100 leds that I would like is not likely.

Tested by djozz:

I noticed something interesting…
See the Luminus document below:
Measurement and Design Considerations for XNova Cube Surface Mount Devices

So…in the first post I wrote that they were quite dense. According to the quote - definitely not.

But then I see that Luminus themselves pack them in dense arrays:

What’s the reason for the discrepancy?
I don’t know but I can guess.

Cubes are available with 2 different emission patters, MP-1616-1100 and MP-1616-2100 are 170° while MP-1616-1103 and MP-1616-2103 are 135°.
The document is old (2014) while the 135° variants are marked as new on the Luminus website. At the time it was written they were probably not available yet.
I’m not fully happy with this guess because I see that even the narrow variants emit some light even down towards MCPCB. So they don’t look like a perfect choice for a dense array. But if Luminus uses them like that, it can’t be a praticularly bad choice…

Perhaps Clemence has the most experience and the best comment on this, the effect I believe is called cross-over and some leds even have light-obstructing walls at the side to prevent it and are more suitable for dense packing.

It’s actually called cross-talk.
Samsung has some really nice documents on the topic, including distance-crosstalk curves for all their CSP LEDs. Their LMxxxB and LHxxxB series are designed like that. After reading them I dismissed MP1616 for dense applications. But Luminus didn’t and I believe they know the topic better than I do. :wink:

The word was crosstalk :innocent:
Btw, Lumileds has a new maybe pretty nice led that is especially designed for dense packing with negligable crosstalk, the Luxeon CSP HL1.

I’ve seen the LED but not the news article, thanks djozz. :slight_smile:
I worry that CSP HL1 will be expensive though and Xnova Cube is very very cheap.

I bought 100 Xnova Cube leds (the 1800K 135 degree ones) just because :smiley: