Luminus SBT-90 gen2 5700K tested (SBT-90-WDS-F72-SA600 SA-H4, from Neal)

Anyone you know of selling those centering rings or anything close that would work

Nope no one I know makes them or sells them… but…The old Trustfire lights used to use them SBT90/70 like the T90-2… I had a few left over/saved and used one for a TN42/SBT-90.2 mod… my GT to GT90 mod I adapted the centering device to center on the LED instead of the Hold Down screws…

Glad I did… about as perfect as a Spot as I can get…

Been very Lucky … just needed to adapt or slightly modify centering rings so far…

I used to have a contact at Trustfire (Annie) but it has been a while… hmmmmm…

Nice! You got the TA conversion kit?

Yep… very nice kit…

I had put a few different emitter’s in this GT Crash Dummy Test light, several XHP35 HI’s, a clean de-domed XHP70.2 P21A, a clean de-domed XHP35HD 1A-E4 emitter and even a FW1HL boost

But with the SBT90.2 kit and New Reflector… Crash Test Dummy GT has found a place on the shelf next to my Keepers… for sure… :smiley:

i just converted my GT35 to a GT90, it seems the screwhole diameter to hold down the MCPCB to the shelf is too large, so they are there but not doing anything now :person_facepalming:

I used Socket Head Cap Screws……as Anti Rotate screws not hold down screws… it holds the board MCPCB and centering device together with some float to it, the reflector press’s across it, holds everything down.


I want perhaps to mod my GT70 into GT90.2.
Which Driver did you use?

Where to buy. battery carriers I can mod by myself to all parallel I think.

Thanks a lot.

Has anyone tested the sbt90.2 at more than 20A? Is there any new data about max current?

I think a few people have run it at more than 20A without damage, but I’m not aware of a proper test to find the absolute maximum output. But my feeling is that going over 20A does not gain a useful increase of output.

I have a few that break 20A, I’ve measured 6300 lumens in one that pulls about 23A if I’m remembering correctly, need to re-measure a few as it’s been awhile. Might have been vloser to 24A now that I think about it.

I’ll check it out and report back…

Thanks, I am builiding a quad SBT90.2 light and wanted to know the limits. I am using 8cells so VTC6s maybe would be too much?

2 cells per emitter. Maybe better MJ1 or 35E…

No - I wouldn't use MJ1's or 35E's. All depends though on the resistance. If you have added resistance in thinner LED wires, carriers, springs, then you won't achieve 20 amps, but maybe that's what you want? MJ1/35E's will just further lower the amps, like using 24 AWG instead of 20 or 18 AWG LED wires.

Yes - over 20 amps. Hit 22A or 23A on a couple single cell lights. Probably could hit higher - think Dale or KB went higher than 23A.

I've seen a bump in the roughly 19A to 22A range, but hard to tell for sure, but figure about 5% bump.

I'd guess peak is about 24-25 amps, might be hard to achieve but possible with multiple 30Ts, 18+ AWG wires, etc.

I thought I saw that the GT94 was running at 30 amps?

Total? 4 LED's?

To really drive 4 of the 90.2’s will take around 80Amps total. The problem is cell capability and capacity, if capable then capacity is usually an issue.

In my scratch build DBC-07 I use 4 Sony VTC5 5D and a single 90.2 still only does 5390 lumens, even from the 124mm reflector. I don’t have amp draw on this one.

I have a SS/Cu X6 that will pull 23.1A for 5100 lumens, the 35mm reflector is probably the bottleneck there.

Most output I’m seeing is in my K1 that Tom inspired me to modify, with a 30T and 16ga leads it can make 6130 lumens at a draw of 18.2A.

My new Lumintop X9L does 4700 lumens on a 40T.

By comparison, my DBC-06 with a 96mm reflector around the CFT-90 draws 18.1A on a Trustfire 32650 and 22.8A on a 30T… 4240 lumens and 4610 lumens respectively.

Difficult to feed the hungry Luminus powerhouses…

Most of these are not new cells, all readings are at start, on fully charged cells, taken moments ago.

Not sure. Check this post out. Just before the sentence in bold.Official Group Buy Now Live! Lumintop BLF GT94 4x SBT90.2 20,000 lumen 2400m Throw monster! - #2 by Texas_Ace

Figure if the fV is up around 4.2 (or higher) to make 400 watts it will have to pull 95Amps. If it CAN do that it won’t do it long!

Ohh - this must be a 2S2P LED configuration, so it's 30 amps, but at double the voltage of a single LED. I forgot that the GT94 is wired up like that.

I can’t figure it Tom. These really pull up towards 4.5V when pushed to 25A. That is why a single cell can’t deliver what they need. Or am I thinking about the CFT-90?