Luminus SFT40 test

Wow, I was not expecting that boost in output at 9-10A! As you say, it looks like the best 4mm^2 LED for throw, and perfect for direct drive with that low Vf.

I just received a couple from Simon and I’m now eager to try them out.

thanx for detailed test

but i disagree about tint. i got model from Fenix with sft40. it is HELLISH green like no other LED i've seen. it is green even in turbo. lower modes are unvievably ugly. if there is 5000k version, i guess it will perform better. but in no circumstances i would mess with CW version of SFT40. my standarts for tint are quite low. but this led is even lower.

it is good LED though. in everything besides being sooo green. consider this, guys. consider this.

Perhaps Fenix has a different batch/bin than Convoy Flashlight Store?

I see no “hellish” tint in the leds that I tested. A bit, but acceptable, greenish at low current, “neutral” cool white at higher currents, slightly purple at direct drive in my FT03. Just like the SST40.

Exciting...I have a couple on the way from Simon. I'd planned on 6A but I may pause and order a different driver now. I do hope they come out with a lower temp sometime, like 5000K or so. Thanks for all the work and time you put into these tests, djozz!

Should go toe to toe with 2mm Osrams if you can drive it to 9-10A. I’ll have to pick a few of these up. SFT70 just got more exciting, but this should entertain for a bit until that shows up. Thanks djozz.

Btw, I think I saw something in the wild that suggested Luminus has a 2021 version sst40. Maybe 3000lm if it was a domed version of this?

pehaps they picked brightest bin, which obviously means worst in color remperature and tint. as they would do with any other LED, i guess.

though, i must admit that they tk16v2 has CW sst70 with green tint while LR50R seems to have better bin with no visible green even in lowest modes

Thx djozz for the test.

Looks like my choice was correct: S16 with 8A driver and SFT40. Ordered 3 more for Sofirn SP35 no ATR and other builds

Nice convoy build. Ramping or buck? I wish I’d bought a non-atr sp35 when they existed too…

Thanks djozz for the test…

Received my M21C with SFT40. Agree with you that I see the same thing : “A bit, but acceptable, greenish at low current, ”neutral” cool white at higher currents”.

A huge thank you to djozz for the super informative test! :beer:

Any real world comparison between SST40 and SFT40 in Astrolux FT03? Is the boost in intensity and lumens noticeable?

I went with buck driver on S16.

Now i just remembered i have CPF Italia Cometa for upgrade too...

I do not have the SST40 numbers anymore (but others will have that?) but moreover, I lost the led centerpiece thingie so I assembled the FT03 without one and have now improper centering/ focusing. So once I find the centerpiece back in my hobby-mess I can do the assembly right and produce numbers.

In the meantime, with unperfect centering and focusing I measured current (Shockli 5500mAh at 4.10V) at 8.8A (about perfect) and throw at 396 kcd. I expect some improvement on this after correct assembly.

Great to see you back testing (even if it is just a one-off :slight_smile: ).

And thanks for showing me the SFT40 has advantages over my dedomed-by-KD SST40, i feel a D80v2 upgrade coming on.
This is one of those rare occasions my preference for a greener tint is of benefit :smiley:

And don’t quote me but from memory 396kcd is closer to FT03S territory than SST40 FT03.

Here’s a comparison between domeless LEDs that I have, also with it’s brother/Sst40.

I used S2+ hosts, AR lens, and Smoooth Reflector. All of the LEDs were centered. Driven at 20-ish mA.

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That's a great comparison shot! Especially so since you minimized the variations by using the same host/reflector/current, and they're all close to the same color temp...excellent! I'd love to see the same shot at a longer distance if you have a large wall/building to use. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Without a doubt agree. Would also much appreciate a slightly longed beam distance comparison picture!

Thanks for the test djozz. I appreciate the work. These look really good.

Thank you Djozz for testing this LED. I got one of Simon in the m21c, and i have more bare led's on the way. hoping they come in soon.

I noticed the tint was very pleasing for 6500k, white light more than green or blue or anything like that.

Question - i feel like this is the 3volt equivalent of the xhp35 (another favorite of mine), does it beat xhp35 / xhp35.2 in luminance?

Also - hopefully after CREE comes out with xhp50.3 in neutral tints, Luminus will see that and respond by making the SFT40 in 5000k, or maybe even 4000k. the SFT40 in 5000k/4000k would be unparalleled at this time!

Hey Tom, did you get yours yet? I ordered on June 12th, and looks like they just got to California, but jut wondering if anyone who ordered them that also lives within 200 miles of me (CT) received theres yet, or is it just me waiting on them?

Well, I was about to order a dozen osram cslpm1… I may now hold off for a dozen of these sft40’s… Very nice set of photos PeyoX. Thanks Djozz, glad to see you still like to test things to their limits!