Luminus SST-20-W 4000 K CRI95 color and output test

not even 0.5A, what is this 1999 djozz.

Thanks for the results, mine should be arriving this week I think. At which point all my new LEDs go in a E2L triple, only the best host ever.

Is your SST20 from Kaidomain, djozz?

Maybe, if you have access to something like surgery robot because no one has that steady hands :slight_smile:

Yes it is from Kaidomain.

Thanks for posting the test results. From the very few examples I’ve tried, putting the emitter in a reflector makes the tint yellower/greener. I’m surprised you got even better tint than tested by Maukka.

I really like the tint of the three SST-20 I got from KD, even if it’s above the BBL.

EE X6 SST-20 4000K CUTE-3-SS optic (left) BLF Q8 XP-L HD V6 3D (right)

I initially put 4 of them in my D4, but I mainly use it indoor on lower levels…
So I replace 2 of them by some 3000K variant.
Now I have a 3500K ish beam with a nice CRI :slight_smile:

How do they compare in tint. I have the 3000k’s and love them. Still in doubt to try the 4000k’s.

It is a great way to end up under the BBL, what we all love so much (but is considered as undesirable in the lighting industry).

( from: )

The 4000K on their own are quite pleasant, at least under TIR (didn’t try in a reflector).
What I really like is that they have a small die (like XP-G2) so the throw is improved compared with 219C

Thanks for the link djozz! It explains why some experienced members tend to say that tint-mixed beams are so good.

Or you could have two greenish emitters, and as long as they are sufficiently far apart CCT wise, it’ll work as well.

That's very interesting! So "average tint" is always somewhere on straight line between CCT1 and CCT2?

By using logic, it seems it's better to use two LEDs with large CCT difference, at least when below BBL is desirable.

3000K+5700K seems to be best combination for most LEDs.

I wonder what is the procedure for 3+ different CCTs?

With three emitters you could theoretically cover the whole triangle they create by adjusting the output.

With the Zanflare T1 and its infinitely adjustable CCT, the effect on two emitters is clear as well.

Yes, it's very easy to see from that graph why is better to use 3000K+5700K emitters than 4000K+5000K emitters to get ~4500K tint, first combination has much better chance to be under BBL.

Yes, the 2700K to 6500K tint mixing should be done with an additional set of 4000K leds in between - I tried to tell this in the BLF lantern topic weeks ago for the exact reasons, which your last figure shows.

Thanks for those helpful graphs. My quad E21A 2500k with 2x 2000k and 2x 3000k is much rosier than just 4x 2000k or 4x 3000k variants. My quad E21A 3500k with 2x 3000k and 2x 4000k is rosier than just 4x 3000k or 4x 4000k.

From my observation, comparing emitters of the same CCT, below the BBL tint does not seem to tint objects as much as above the BBL tint so white objects look whiter with below the BBL tint where as white objects look yellowish/greenish with above the BBL tint. I’m guessing this is why members here said they feel mixing CCT improves color rendering eventhough all it does is give you more below the BBL tint.

The perceived tint deviation must have to do with the eye/brain relative sensitivity to the different frequencies of the visible spectrum:

Source: Light Measurement @


Surprised to see it works like that.

But why CRI drops, it doesn't make sense?