Luminus SST-70, a sample tested

Djozz, any chance to get raw data behind the chart?

Thanks, that beam looks really nice! How was the tint (duv) on yours? I take it that you’re not going to sacrifice that in a dedoming experiment? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the testing djozz.
I wonder how it dedomes also but its always a risk.

Looks like a huge quad reflector. Would you mind sharing some build tidbits?


Looks like TN40S or Jetbeam T6

Another leaked photo from haikelite.

With a feeler gauge set plus dremel type multitool with dedicated locator accessory, dedoming can be made easy (check this).

Of course, it is first required to know how low can you go. ;-)

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I never was very good in dedoming a SST-40 so the chances would not be good, and I would not have a suitable host for the dedomed SST-70 anyway (you want 6V 6A and a big smooth reflector for a proper dedomed SST-70 build).

The tint is plain cool white, seems no different than the cool white SST-40 tint, but if you measure it, it is quite a bit above the BBL. Here’s the center of the hotspot from a S2+ reflector, with the led at 1A (CRI=67.3,R9=–40)

Sure. The numbers are convenient to have but also they suggest an accuracy that is not there. That is why I usually just post charts, it removes the false preciseness from the numbers.

Yeah, looks very similar. On such high color temps I don’t find some green so objectionable, even though +0.006 is quite a lot. As is, I probably wouldn’t find any practical uses for the emitter though.

Dedoming it would likely fix the high Duv, doesn't it?

Thanks djozz. :slight_smile:
Seeing the numbers I’m not sure it will outthrow XHP35 HI E2. I’m seeing 160 djozz-cd/mm² with 20% dedoming losses while XHP35 got 172 koef3-cd/mm².
Now…koef3 got better cooling and your lm are known to be a little high (though his might be as well).
So…seems like the same ballpark to me when it comes to throw.
Efficiency is within error margin as well (comparing at the same luminosity).
So…it’s much like a bigger XHP35 with dome and CRI70-only.
GXB172 would be great for it. It’s sad how this driver is still not easily available.

Thanks to the existence of “XHP70 drivers” it is possible to get some stock drivers configured for up to 4.8 - 5A driving current in ∅22mm size. User Windforce did some testing over a Manta Ray XHP70 driver bought from AliExpress, see Testing boost drivers' thread.

Of course ;-) I found rock-bottom price seller for the Manta Ray XHP50/XHP70 drivers:

  1. ∅22mm “XHP50” max 3A 5-mode unit.
  2. ∅22mm “XHP70” max 4.8A 6-mode unit.

Drivers look the same, only different firmware I'd say.

My guess was based on very rough eye-balling, so I’m sure your calculations tell the better story :slight_smile:

I’m in progress of building a Manta Ray C8.2 2S with LD-B4HV driver and XHP50.2. I would love to try this LED out for increased throw….

KD says in stock for a 7500K emitter, $6.80 sounds pretty ok.

It’s a pity it’s 7500K. I’ll probably buy one and test it anyway…

Uh 7500k…

It’s really easy to see that the SST-70 is a very new LED, meaning to achieve high brightness bins, you need a high CCT to achieve them.

No go for me with that color :(