Well i guess i paid $55.00 to learn a lesson. Its been a long, long time since ive been burned. I wonder if i’ll even get it, and if i do it’s probably a $6.99 piece of chinese shit. So where do you get genuine american navy seal flashlights cheap? Do they even exist? Ill be sitting here licking my wounds and see what’s next.

If you have never had a decent flashlight before you will probably still love it. It will still be brighter than your average cheap flashlight, it just isn’t worth as much as they claim and you can get much better.

I don’t know what the Seals use, maybe a Pelican or Streamlight? They are pricey too, the extra cost mostly pays for a warranty and support. You can get a great quality flashlights from China for $20-$40, but the G700 isn’t one of them.

Look what I just found on Wallapop!
G700 Tactical Flashlight Retail $229.99\_pid=wi&\_uid=32878433&\_me=s_android

I’m sure he turned it on and said “oh crap, that’s not worth $60!”

Those guys go even further, they take F14 fighter jet to test the light :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Same light at ALI with battery and charger for 16$,searchweb201644_2_505_506_503_504_502_10001_10002_10016_10005_10006_10003_10004,searchweb201560_8,searchweb1451318400\_–1,searchweb1451318411_6449&btsid=41777b1e-c3d7-4773-a759-6888feb04b93

Or even better at GB under 10$ !!!

I really don’t like zoomies (hate them, really). But whatever floats your boat. This appears to be the best one available, biggest bang for the buck: Brinyte B158

Review: Review: Brinyte B158 Aspheric Zooming Light. IPX-8, Solid Brass Pill with 17mm driver, 58,120cd!

8% discount code still works: LED2015GB

Note: This flashlight is currently on flash sale for the next 6 hours at $22.61. The discount code is not combinable with the sale price.

So much for zoomies.

Now, here is what I’d recommend for your needs (not your preferences):


The best available rechargeable with a reasonable amount of throw appears to be the Manker U11

Review: Review: Manker U11. Built in charger, compact 18650 Eswitch Light. 3.6A on Turbo, Beamshots added.

Contact member M4D M4X, ReManG, or freeme via PM for discount code. Price does not include battery.

Note: I’m not a big fan of rechargeables. They make the flashlight bigger and heavier. The port is usually the biggest source of water intrusion problems. And they are a maintenance problem (the input port tends to loosen and break). But they are convenient and I can see a place for them.


Convoy C8 or Thorfire C8. You need a medium range thrower for reading street signs and house addresses. These are the best of the budget model flashlights. There are slight differences between the Convoy and the Thorfire models. You might be happier with the 3-mode Convoy C8, based on your preferences.

XinTD C8, XP-G2 version. Better quality, better throw, but at almost double the cost. I have both the Convoy C8 and the Thorfire C8, but I’m just waiting for a sale on the XinTD to jump on that one.

An inexpensive, quality charger can be had here.

For batteries, I’d suggest any of the protected 18650 batteries that Richard sells at Mountain Electronics: LINK.

Hello. I fell to the hype and ordered the flashlight but as soon as I did I googled it and found this thread. I since then cancled the order but while I was canceling I asked where the flashlight was made and they said in is made right there in MO, USA and that it has a 1 year warranty. Can this company really claim this light is made here and order them from China? Seems weird to me… Thanks

It is most definitely weird, and your gut feeling is correct. I am not sure if it is “illegal” but certainly it is a deceptive and false marketing/sales information.

I highly doubt that the light is made in Missouri. Even if it was, I think a 1 year warranty for something as allegedly “high end” as what they are claiming, is unusually and suspiciously short.

You did right by cancelling it.

Great, thanks for the timely response and I appreciate this forum. I wanted to get a streamlight or surefire originally for spotting critters at night and blood tracking deer. The advertising seemed ideal with the g700 and it was so much cheaper. I just prefer buying American quality products w good warranties such as a Luepold scope etc. I will keep looking.

My first “not a dollar store piece of junk” light was a Surefire for those exact uses you mentioned. It’s a Surefire G2. I swapped in a 2-mode P60 module from and wrapped it in foil/tin for better heatsinking (the nitrolon of the G2 doesn’t conduct heat well, clearly).

I stuck a pair of CR123 primaries into it, along with a spare set, and put it in an emergency bag. It’s a great light overall, but some of my budget lights are more practical, and half to one-third the cost.

Seriously mindblown here… I restore and mod guitars for a living and never once did I consider modding a flashlight! I’m going to google everything you mentioned JasonJ. Thanks. Just for curiosity sake what are comparable budget lights to the G2? Edit: Oh and yes I don’t like the 5 modes either.

Oh I just noticed this one a few posts up Brynt b158

Lots and lots and lots of options for a P60 host (flashlight without the electronics, namely the LED emitter and driver board).

Check out Richard’s awesome site/store here, he has not only P60 drop in modules, but also some common hosts. I also own an Ultrafire 502b that accepts P60 modules. I have a very high lumen module installed in that one that I use as a tactical light in a biometric lock box next to my bed. You can guess what else is in the box. :slight_smile:

Some people like to use that same host for burning lasers as well.

Here is MtnElectronics page on P60’s:

MtnElectronics P60 Page

Some good lights and builds here:

And here:

Some may say negative things about this next site, but it’s where most of us started and it still contains a HUGE amount of knowledge.

List of P60 hosts:

CPF in general, has a multi-part, multi-dozens of pages threads on JUST P60 stuff.

Part 1 that started it:

Part 2: Part 2

Part 3: Part 3

Each of those has hundreds of additional links.

P60 hosts and modules is certainly a nice and easy entry into flashlight modding, terminology, and techniques. Good luck and welcome aboard!

Sweet! I really like that Ultrafire host.

Yeah I like my 502b just fine… only thing I don’t care for is the reverse clicky switch. I’d like a forward clicky so that I can do momentary on. But it’s not that critical.

My guess is Seals use Streamlight or Surefire. They probably cost maybe $200 each.

Also, those brands are built for toughness and reliability. They won’t have cutting-edge brightness. They’re probably quite dim compared to today’s state-of-the art flashlights.

Look at surfires they are best host out there and better than sure fire imo here look at this :

A lot of people seem to believe “the more you pay the more it’s worth” and buy these garbage “700” lights — various painted names on a well known cheap junk light — because of the advertising.
This is “budget light forum” —- not “expensive light” and not “cheap crap” forum. If you want “top of the line” you need to decide which line you want to be in.

You can pay a good bit more if you want to. People here won’t point you toward that stuff though.

Reading comments on youtube about these lights is downright depressing. One commenters (likely from BLF) says it is false marketing hype, and someone else counters “I bought the real made-in-USA G700 and it’s the brightest light I’ve ever seen. You just reviewed a cheap Chinese knock-off”.

:weary: :SICK: :-x