LunaPower MRV O-rings

I took the assault crown off of my LunaPower Lumahunter MRV clone to clean the lens, and the silly O-ring broke.

Where is the best place to get glow-in-the-dark O-rings for my MRV?

RC - Do you know the diameter and thickness of the o-ring? I'm guessing no since you didn't post it. But it seems like DX has a pretty good slection if you know the size. - Nutz

Its 42mm.

Hmm - seems like all the "usual" sources have a max of 25mm for the GID o-rings. I'll try to search around and see if I can find anything. I know ManaFont has a 42mm OD ring but not GID. I'll keep looking.... Nutz

Thanks for the measurement, Budgeteer.

Also, nice find, MunkyNutz! I might have to settle for Manafont O-rings if 42mm GITD O-rings don't exist.

If you can't find an o-ring and you still want a "glow" around the bezel you can paint the inside edge of the bezel with a good quality glow paint. I have done this with a custom police duty 3D Mag and it worked very well. I removed the anodizing with fine sandpaper and painted with a water-based glow paint from Glow Inc. - - a nail-polish bottle sized quantity of their high-glow paint is about $15 shipped - not cheap, but works well and you'll have enough to do 3 large Mags or a lot of small lights. (I'm not affiliated with them - just had good service and like the product) Hope that helps - Nutz

If you find what you want on this page, you will get quicker USA shipping

Well 42mm = 1.65inches and Lighthound's largest O-ring with a measurement is 1.23inches. So that won't work for an MRV. On the bright side, Lighthound has a nice website. This search for 42mm GITD O-rings is starting to look like a wild goose chase. I have searched for them on about a dozen Chinese websites, in addition to Google, eBay, and Amazon.


I dislike the GITD orings because the light emitting from flashlight often catches some green along. Pretty apparent in the skyray 1JC8 which is an excellent flashlight for the money.

Actually i did not, i measured the reflector cup diameter which was along with the lens and the oring pretty much the same size.

When I need a particular o-ring and I need it right away I just go to the local hardware store (ace is the place) and match up the size I need. They have 2 drawers full of them all nicely organized and the price isn't too bad if you are only buying one. Coolcool

If anyone is still/again looking for these O-rings, Intl.Outdooshop has them! for a nice price. $0.93

Glow in the dark, 42mm. Im about to order one for my C8. (which has a rattle (loose lens)

So that's $0.93 per O-ring and shipping is $1 for one or two O-rings. Might as well order 3 and get free shipping. Nice find!