Lux Integrating Sphere or Space Capsule ?

i now have it completed, and began to do some calculations, calibration measurements, and recording data with this monstrosity.
the inside is a pure matte white with adjustable baffle for the sensor. i have made several cover plates to fit common light bezel sizes, and added a stopwatch for timing run times, etc.

Now it needs a name. ( as mentioned in a previous topic before it was completed. )

I am also building another apparatus for measuring the reflected spot intensity at 1 meter.

The NSA has scanned your pictures and flagged you as a potential b0mb maker. Think living in canada will save you?

What did you build that from?

The sphere is two rigid thermoplastic half-spheres, held together with a foam gasket and a 20L pail lid clamp-ring with some welded parts, threaded rod, bolts, nuts, washer, steel angle, ( angle and base is powder-painted) to hold it secure to the base, along with a magnetic flex-joint “third-hand” rig with a large plastic “light” clamp mounted to it so its completely adjustable.

Gee, I use packing tape…