Luxeon C anyone know anything about them?

Does anyone know if you can direct drive these on Li-ion like you can with CREE’s?

The Mag Solitaire LED uses one of these and seems to direct drive it on alkaline. Want to know if it’ll work with a 10440 IMR, but as it was a gift I don’t want to fry it if it won’t handle it.

BTW - these Luxeon C’s have wonderful tint and CRI and the stock 37 lumens is very usable and the focus on these works really well.

In general I would not trust direct driving leds that are not on a DTP copper board with a li-ion cell. The datasheet of the Luxeon C suggest a maximum drive current of 500 mA, the voltage is then 3.59V. A 10440 IMR will easily deliver that, even up to 2A it maintains over 3.6V for minutes.

My guess it that you may be saved by the various resistances present in a flashlight but you may as likely blow the led.

I don’t think it is possible to drive a visible light LED directly with one alkaline cell.
As I read Wikipedia the energy of a green light photon is 3.58×10−19 joules, and an electron volt is 1.6×10−19 joules. So to make green light with one electron, which is what LEDs do, you need
3.58 / 1.6 = 2.2 volt.