M21B with XHP50.2 or XHP70.2?

Hi! I’m looking for buying my first good flashlight ever. My question is which led will be better for this host? Less heat, better battery duration… And which temperature looks closest to neutral white in this leds? 4000 or 5000k? Thank you very much

XHP70.2 5000K But there is problem with thermal regulation in that Convoy drivers. Don’t use turbo for longer or reset turbo several times. It can go over 70 degrees. Just use it at 35% mode. That it is safest mode for that host to not overheating.

Between the LEDs you mention, keep in mind that both are floods, in terms of efficiency they are similar but I prefer the XHP70.2 (because it is not yet available with the XHP70.3).
Note that the XHP70.2 is more powerful, more consumption but if in medium modes can consume even less than the XHP50.

And, why not other options?
I would recommend M21B with GT FC40, high CRI
Or, to have some range: Convoy M21B with SFT40 (8A current), 12 groups.

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Thanks for your quick reply! By turbo u mean to use it at 100? How many seconds aprox could he last in that mode without overheating? and in the 35?
To finish, how many time could last a 4000mah battery in 35% mode +/-? Thanks again a sorry for my english haha

It’s only becouse I need it to be floody (private security mostly indoor) these other options work well for that too?

EDIT: Now i’m doubting between XHP 70.2 and sft40 hahaha

OK 5000K. OK Don’t use turbo for longer or reset turbo several times.

I was looking at Simon Mao’s store, (Convoy flashlight Store) and the Convoy M21B with the 12 group controller, has automatic Step Down and temperature controlled.
Therefore, although this flashlight is small, (little mass and little surface to dissipate heat) should not have heating problem on condition that if, Do not restart the Turbo frequently.

I can’t confirm if with the 4 mode controller it has automatic step-down.

XHP70.2 5000K will be fine indoors without washing out color. Full power would only be needed in a large warehouse or parking lot. XHP50.2 5000K would also probably do everything you need with slightly more throw. Both LED’s are a bit large for the reflector to do anything but flood. Relatively speaking you are putting out the light of a good headlight on a car. This could be a bit too much on anything but lower settings if you want to keep some night vision.

Yes I mean 100% for turbo. In Convoy boost drivers I think there is problem with thermal regulation. You can see also my previous post about that in BLF also across reddit group there are similar reports about that. Thermal regulation work but very slow and stepdown in some cases it is not fast enough to prevent high temperature also if you use turbo and use it one after another you can easily overheating flashlight. 35% is most stable and safe mode for all convoy boost drivers. With XHP70.2 you will have about 1400 lumens in that mode in M21B which is еnough in most cases.

4000k xhp70 is a bit yellow. The best tint and CRI would be GT-FC40 5500K(unavailable) or 4500K, but this LED is way less efficient. If you want the best efficiency go with xhp70 5000K.
Overheating is only a issue if you reset turbo. But the flashlight will become uncomfortable to hold way before that. On 35% GT-FC40 gets you around 700-800 lumens for 100 minutes.

Why a small flashlight that dissipates heat worse? “Because of the size and weight, make it portable”
Convoy M21B can be with led: • XHP70.2, • XHP50.2, • GT FC40, • SST40, SFT40, • KW CULPM1.TG and • KPCSLPM1.F1 green

With led XHP70.2 it is flooding, maybe too much.
It is not the same to illuminate a work zone field than surveillance for what is required to illuminate beyond our feet.
GT FC40 is less flood but with the small reflector of M21B it is still flood.
SST40 is somewhat less powerful, good range.
SFT40 is thrower, I don’t know if very thrower, narrow hotspot. Wait for other opinions. Maybe the SFT40 with the small reflector from the M21B convoy is fine for surveillance.
From • KW CULPM1.TG and • KPCSLPM1.F1 green I don’t think. (I don’t recommend them).

Thanks a lot to everyone for your advice. I choose the M21B becouse I don’t want it to have a big head or be too big to carry everyday in the belt, but not too small either like the S2 for the heat dissipation issues.

I’ll be able to have the XHP70.2 on for about 2 hours in 30/35% mode with 4000mah?

The SFC40 have a good flood and battery management too?

I also want it for self defense situations, where I presume that thrower means more incapacitation.

Hey NuclearWhite, go on YouTube, punch in Convoy M21B.
There’s this guy Weerapat Kiatdumrong. He tested out pretty much every LED available for the M21B comparing beamshots and going through the modes.
He also tested and compared the M21B’s that are pushed to 8 amps and gives you feedback on the heat factor. Those can be bought at Aliexpress.
I’m personally going to get the 8 amp SFT40 M21B through the “Convoy Flashlight Store” on Aliexpress
I purchased through them many times and found they gave me the best price among all the other vendors.
But, when buying through Aliexpress you need to deal with the wait.

Edit: Also, if you’re a new customer to Aliexpress, watch for the discount coupons that can save you a couple bucks.

It’s a 5 amp driver so 35% should get you two hours. Being a 5 amp driver take a look at some 5000 mah batteries, that’ll give you another 25% run time. As far as incapacitation it’s more of an inconvenience. The loss night vision and nothing else. Just retired after 27 years as a LEO. The best and brightest strobe gives you an advantage, but no incapacitation. Right after using the light you must act quickly or you lose that advantage. Or worse he goes on the offensive while you’re still holding the light expecting the light to do more.

With SFT40 led the driver gives 8A current

With SST40 led the driver gives 6A current

With KW CULPM1.TG led, choose 6A or 8A driver.

With the others Led, I manifest my ignorance