M43 competition


Holy crap!

4100 lumens from the XP-G2 model… The M43 laughs at this light.

Lol, wow. Eagletac is on the ball with light releases these days. I’m sure there’s not much competition there though. The M43 is one of the best built lights I’ve ever seen. The claimed lumens by Eagletac already falls short of what the M43 can and does produce. I do like Eagletac though…just sayin’.

LED placement is identical, I guess Americans copy too, no offense to anybody but that is very clearly where it is coming from.

The 10,100 lux throw rating is it rather weak for the Nichia LEDs. I have the M43 and I have measured almost double at 30sec 19,500.

still using the cheap kaidomain led pcbs ?

Ha! More expensive, less bright, less copper, less nice. The only advantage I see is that it can use primaries, and some people might like the eagletacs UI better.

Lol two buttons.

It is 130mm long, so it is a few millimeters longer than TN36 (125.8mm), to which the light is actually more comparable. TN36 even has more output than this.

They’re using the same optic that’s in their triple P60 drop in, a “BICOM” branded copy of the carclo Spot, it has less throw but smoother beam.

Probably the same cheap and thin aluminum mcpcb as well. At 4000 rated lumens this is no competition for the M43.

On the M43 you can change the optics and basically change the beam pattern, lose some throw but then competion is not throwing better than the stock M43.
Change them to 10508 for example.

But anyway like I said that is more of a TN36 competitor based on size.

the Meteor has no competition….

The OP in this link thinks the Eagletac is competition.


Baah hahaha!!!

I wonder where they got the idea for this?

Not competition for the M43 or the TN36. My TN36 NW makes over 7000 OTF @ 30s.

Can run on 8 CR123’s
Money to blow?

I will only buy a light that I can insert Benjamins into the money tube to run it. :stuck_out_tongue: