M44 with UV 365nm option

The SST-20 is also simply a throwier beam. You will always get a brighter “hotspot” then an E21a, but you obviously get less off to the sides.
So it depends on where you need to light. Personally i think the E21a is better around the house.
One thing i did was take the non frosty optic (10622) from the regular D4v2 and sanded it lightly in circles. Its got less beam shift then without the sanding, but its proved a little more throwy then the 10623.
There is still a little more beamshift than the 10623, but its managable. I have two anyway so i go with what i feel like.

Ive got some more constant current D4v2 lights on the way, im looking to add one of my new favourite emmiters. The SST-20 3500k dedomed. Should have decent throw (for a multi), roughly 3000k and a beautiful tint with no SST-20 green/yellow that they all have stock.
Personally i cant stand the stock SST-20 4000k, even the bins that people claim to like still have this odd green/yellow in parts of the beam. Only time ive seen a beam that is somehow pink and yellow/green at the same time. Dedome those babies and they certainly clean up nice.

Is it a true dedome or a slice, as has been common on SST-40?

Sorry, yeah sliced, almost down to the phosphor :smiling_imp: Been through a few of them getting them that low :stuck_out_tongue: Basically every single partical of the dome i cant without cutting the wires.
Have people been able to pop the dome off the SST-40 have they? I sliced mine in another light. Didnt get the CCT drop i was expecting, but its got nice throw and tint up high.

The 3500k is really nice sliced. Very rosy, great CCT and amazing CRI and throw. By faaaarrrr my favourite SST-20.
Ive been getting them from Kaidomain. They dont have any of the loose in stock, but you can get what’s left of the triples and reflow them if you want to try them.

Thanks, excellent review, with good outdoor pictures (a must). I just had to login to be able to see the picture in normal resolution.
I’am returning my Wizard Nichia because of the tint… I cannot get used to it, I tried really to like it but each time I use it, I got that yak reaction. :confounded: bad tint lottery)
Also, I notice that the Wizard Nichia is too floody to my taste… I’am looking at a D4V2 E21A 5000K with clear carclo, because the tint shift for outdoor use doesn’t bother me (the 144AR 4500K is to greenish yellowish, eventhough the TIR do the mix)

DrDevil ?
Would it be possible you take an outdoor picture from your D4V2 e21a > but with the clear carclo optic? I’am really curious about the beam profil/throw of a e21a quad at 5amps…

John75, you probably already saw maukka’s review of Noctigon KR4, but if not… there is an indoor beamshot of KR4 E21A with clear Carclo 10622 optic.

Maukka said the throw of his flashlight was about 7 kcd at turn on.

Yeah, unfortunately the beam profile on the 10622 isn’t good. I lightly sanded one on my 3500k and it gains throw over the 10623 and doesn’t look anywhere as bad as maukkas 5000k. Still far from perfect though. I have two so it depends on my mood …lol

I am wondering if small OP reflectors instead of TIR optics would work better with the E21A.

I’m curious how the 10621 would look with the E21A. I prefer those in my D4’s and KR4’s.

Really bad (shape, tint shift etc)

Between Clemence and others if it was possible it would be used but its not.


Wow! That looks amazing!

For some odd reason this pattern reminds me of the logo of an app whose name I cannot quite remember. I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere else before.

Its the style of every image/photo/gallery/editor ever made. See iPhone photos icon, etc

It reminds me of Darktable.

Hank, are you willing to sell The CULPM1.TG in a high bin?
With 4040 gasket for the KR1 ?

Still looks awesome though :+1:

Is it a present for your girlfriend ?

No, it is for my collection. Are you implying the multicolour tritium vials option is feminine?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: