[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN

I ordered five 24x30x2mm rings. Would I need to use two or should one be fine?

Mine just shipped now, with some FW3A accessories!

Ordered Oct 23rd. Last DHL order from Neal took 11 days for shipping, so by Dec 1st or so.

I’m still waiting until now. Neal said that the LED is still out of stock.

I have to look into further…. tonight….

I used 2 one on the head end and tail cap… the springs are very stiff and they stack, didn’t want to dent the 30T…

A bit of an update…

Pic of the driver…

The switch is a large OMTEN and it works well on this example … no misfire’s so far…

I swapped the springs out with Blue Swords gen II springs and went straight to the 18awg bypass’s on both springs…

Just over 5000lms at turn on (30T 4.21v)

4315lms at 30 seconds and it is getting very very warm

then checked Turbo again … 4590lms at turn on battery was pulled and checked at 4.071v

it’s a very hungry LED… :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the info. Did you wait for it to cool before the second test?


Thanks for the tests,

Regarding the switch. Does the UI work the way it is listed on Neales website:

for SBT90.2:


double clicks Turbo ,triple clicks strobe.


Do you have to improvise like others have said, that is Turn it ON and then Two half presses for turbo. Supposedly can not be activated from the OFF position.


Here is what I measured with the Baby Blue LiitoKala (didn’t measure the voltage at the time) and I haven’t been really following this thread as of late… this is what I got…

1. 37lm

2. 505lm

3. 948lm

4. 1680lm

5. Dbl Tap - Turbo … (while in Turbo) Dbl Tap - Strobe

. It has memory so in lowest level, I double tap - Turbo - off, and repeated this Low- double tap Turbo off quite a few times and it never failed. I cycled thru the 4 modes many times, no hiccups. Got the light screaming hot, and repeated the above thinking maybe heat might make it wonky… never failed?

The inside’s…

Checked the shelf and board for flatness….a little stoning…… not too shabby… now what to do with all these pieces…. :open_mouth:

Can you try turning it off on turbo and see if it turns back on in turbo? When you do this, please check with your lumen tube, because high mode looks very similar to turbo mode. Can you do this 5 or more times
To be sure. All 5 of my samples have wonky memory. It will probably turn on in turbo mode three out of ten times.

I ordered mine on Oct 25. Should I continue waiting? I haven’t received any shipping info

How is that improvising? That's how I'd expect a reverse clicky to work. Either the driver memorizes turbo (to be determined I suppose? might be wonky) so you can access it from off once memorized OR, if it doesn't, of course you'll have to switch it on (full click) before telling it to go into turbo (double half-press/"tap"). A reverse clicky opens the circuit no matter if you fully click it or just half-press, to the driver it looks the same (it just loses power). It's just faster to half-press, hence probably many people have issues accessing turbo mode cause they're either doing full-presses ("clicks") or they're just not fast enough doing double taps - at least to me it sounds that way from the last few people reporting.

I have not had it happen in the low mode, but now that I’m trying it from the other 3 modes yes I had it memorize Turbo a few times last night…seen some other weird stuff also…

. Like this… turn on in each mode, dbl tap Turbo, single tap out, I get this…

. Level 1 turn on 33lm, dbl tap Turbo, single tap out of Turbo, 50lm, shut off, turn on 33lm.

. Level 2 470lm Turbo, single out 88lm, shut off turn on 468lm

. Level 3 888lm Turbo, single out 167lm, shut off turn on, 903lm

. Level 4 1600lm, Turbo, single out 328lm shut off turn on, 1606lm

. I’m seeing some of the wonky-ness now… :slight_smile:

Guess I’m late to the party but Would sure like to be included here if possible, looks awesome!

Dale, KB - you guys would probably be interested in the discussions here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/59274 on another potential SBT-90.2 light.

Maybe Martin can find out more about the HL light being discussed.

I don’t know if I will be still alive :cry: to see it come to fruition due to the massive time consuming, opinion driven idea heavy process of being all BL-F’d up… :person_facepalming:

Plenty of Fins, Big reflector, Massive chunk of Copper and it’s 4P…. whats not to like, Lexel can make me a killer driver if I cant get this one to (ahem) perform…

I’m thinking this will get done sooner… prolly… :smiley:

Because It is terminology misperception between the dealers site”A CLICK” and doing a HALF PRESS as members have mentioned.

That was my point. :wink:

Thanks Tom, if the emitters were more readily available I’d just build my own. Already have the CFT-90 under a 95mm reflector and am duly impressed… even just using a single 32650 and Bistro driver.

I like the idea of using this light for this emitter, just haven’t been building lights lately so it’s much easier to get it pre-built. If I’m too late I may just rebuild the one I have…

Dang, I should have asked you before ordering, but I got in 3 SBT-90.2's mounted on 20 mm MCPCB's but total cost was $150: $36 each, $35 in shipping, $6.50 in PP fee, probably could have saved money with a bigger order.

To order them, contact: wendy@lantend.com. I ordered P/N: SBT-90-WDS-F72-SA600, where SA was the higher bin, the other they offered being the RB bin. Of course we don't know the bin of the SBT-90.2's in this N40 light, or any other SBT-90.2 for that matter. SBT-90.2 Spec sheet here on my google drive share - Wendy sent it to me.

So, from the spec sheet and part #, this should be ~5700K, what they call Daylight ("D") as opposed to cool white ("C").

Interesting thing is the RB is the lowest bin, then SA, then there are 5 more higher bins!