[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN



I actually think it will hit above 220kcd. Around 300 kcd and 4000 lumens is my guess.
I have a nl40vn with a flat white 2mm.
It does 320kcd

This is ridiculously cheap. The emitter in itself costs like 40€ when bought in bulk.


Can I ask, what driver you are using? Does it has his own driver specific design for ? I mean booster?or buck?


Come to think of it, I would like to see this led in lots of lights of varying sizes, especially if they are built with proper heat transfer/ sinking to all of the body and head.

The problem with the k75 is that there is very little heat transfer from the switch section where the led is mounted to the quite large head if the light. That makes it get hot way too quickly to use for long term searching on turbo.

My plan is to do the same thing to it that I did to a very hot rodded k40 i had- strip the anodizing from the corresponding Male and female threads of the head to pull connection and re- assemble it with lots of high quality thermal paste. It made a huge difference in heat transfer, and therefore quicker cooling, in that light.

Ideally there would be a light that had a one piece head and pill section, with proper fins going all the way to the bezel, tapering in depth as they get closer to the bezel. This NL 40 looks like that sort of construction so if they just scale it up in size…

What battery is it gonna use?



Sorry I don’t know what driver Vinh is using. He uses his own vn or vnx drivers. I believe him and Richard from Mountain Electronics produces them. But I opted for the single mode version.



26650 i think.

can someone say compared to a xhp70 or xhp50 emitter, what makes this different and why is it so expensive?

I do recall it using 26650

If you look sbt90.2 in this thread and the other(I forgot where), it claim outputing 4000lumen and at the same time, guess the candela? 320kcd or roughly above 300kcd. Isn’t that great if it was true…

It has long thrower and higher lumen, the beam comparison look like it has larger hotspot with greater intensity…to put thing simple, it outhrow xhp50.2, sst40 and probaly the larger hotspot in long distance you’ve ever seen, Unlike before…sorry, just my own opinion if you dont mind.

Price $30-40 for sbt90.2 bead. Host would probaly gonna cost another 30. Erm sumarise all I think we’ve got rought $60-$80. Wew exPansive stuff…

When do we get to order?

This LED should be combined with a larger diameter reflector for even better throw.
80 mm would be nice.

Interested in purchasing! Put me on the list :slight_smile: thanks!

I agree, I’m expecting 300kcd. That’s serious output!

But can a 26650 run 4K+ lumens very well and efficiently on turbo?

why wouldnt it ? a 26650 highdrain can easy run a d4s quad emitters no problem…

Just a thought, I don’t own but one 26650 light, a Skylumen Delta and it’s only responsible for pushing 700 lumens so I wasn’t too familiar with the cell. Thanks for your input!