[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN


26650 i think.

can someone say compared to a xhp70 or xhp50 emitter, what makes this different and why is it so expensive?

I do recall it using 26650

If you look sbt90.2 in this thread and the other(I forgot where), it claim outputing 4000lumen and at the same time, guess the candela? 320kcd or roughly above 300kcd. Isn’t that great if it was true…

It has long thrower and higher lumen, the beam comparison look like it has larger hotspot with greater intensity…to put thing simple, it outhrow xhp50.2, sst40 and probaly the larger hotspot in long distance you’ve ever seen, Unlike before…sorry, just my own opinion if you dont mind.

Price $30-40 for sbt90.2 bead. Host would probaly gonna cost another 30. Erm sumarise all I think we’ve got rought $60-$80. Wew exPansive stuff…

When do we get to order?

This LED should be combined with a larger diameter reflector for even better throw.
80 mm would be nice.

Interested in purchasing! Put me on the list :slight_smile: thanks!

I agree, I’m expecting 300kcd. That’s serious output!

But can a 26650 run 4K+ lumens very well and efficiently on turbo?

why wouldnt it ? a 26650 highdrain can easy run a d4s quad emitters no problem…

Just a thought, I don’t own but one 26650 light, a Skylumen Delta and it’s only responsible for pushing 700 lumens so I wasn’t too familiar with the cell. Thanks for your input!

Dunno why ppl are expecting 300kcd. Max it will probably do is 250 at turn on.

To me size/ weight matters. I’d rather have a nice thrower/ flood combination light with an emphasis on throw in the palm of my hand than have to carry a large reflector strapped over my shoulder. Those lights that throw 2 or so miles exist but for most people are just a conversation piece. Human eye can hardly gainfully and tangibly make out objects at that distance to make difference. I vote for keeping head as small as possible , but enough to provide impressive throw and dissipate heat.

The one with a large reflector can always be a different version of it…

I agree, I’m actually searching for the smallest SBT90 or CFT90 high output thrower I can find. This is the smallest one I’ve found, which is why I am interested in the purchase! At a 53mm head, that is the maximum I would want for jacket carry.



Interested. Hoping for a 5000k NW option

The diameter of this light is only 53mm…that’s not that big….and for it to get past 200k LUX, with a ton of lumens!..… that’s amazing. This new LED is a rockstar.

Think about it this way. What would a sliced and diced 3 volt xhp50.2 do in this 53mm head? 80k LUX @ 3400LM

Yeah, that’s what attracted me to this light, the smaller pocketable head size. That also usually means that the light should have good bright flood along with the throw. I’m hoping what others are saying turns out to be true, that the throw could be in the 300k area, that would be outstanding. I usually like a side clicky, because it just feels more natural when holding the light, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. A couple of my friends that are cops told me the department requires them to carry rear clicky lights now because in a panic situation, the rear button can be found easier than a light with a side button.

Haven’t kept up with 26650 batterries. The last I know of that delivered the highest output was the Shockli.
Any other recommendations ?

Efest is good also.