[M4D deal] Nightwatch NI40 with Luminus SBT90 Gen2 interest list OPEN



Interested. Hoping for a 5000k NW option

The diameter of this light is only 53mm…that’s not that big….and for it to get past 200k LUX, with a ton of lumens!..… that’s amazing. This new LED is a rockstar.

Think about it this way. What would a sliced and diced 3 volt xhp50.2 do in this 53mm head? 80k LUX @ 3400LM

Yeah, that’s what attracted me to this light, the smaller pocketable head size. That also usually means that the light should have good bright flood along with the throw. I’m hoping what others are saying turns out to be true, that the throw could be in the 300k area, that would be outstanding. I usually like a side clicky, because it just feels more natural when holding the light, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. A couple of my friends that are cops told me the department requires them to carry rear clicky lights now because in a panic situation, the rear button can be found easier than a light with a side button.

Haven’t kept up with 26650 batterries. The last I know of that delivered the highest output was the Shockli.
Any other recommendations ?

Efest is good also.


I believe the aspire 4300 is the lowest internal resistance 26650 now. This cell is the same as the golisi 4300 which HKJ tested.

Sofrin has a couple 26650s that are decent batterys and priced nicely. I believe there are 2 different varients. A Standard version and a high drain.

Just sent this mail (with the code)


you are the first 20 (out of 150) to place the order!

If you do not want to buy within 24 hours let me know so I can give your spot to the next in the list!

the next batch might take 2 or 3 weeks

I’m ready to buy but I don’t see the code? Got an email notification.

Yep, same here, didn’t receive or can’t find code.
Only got BLF thread alert.

Is this the SBT90g2? Nightwatch NI40 โม - YouTube

Video clip uploaded 1 day ago, beam looks spectacular but the description says SST40 dedomed convoy FET?

So if that’s SST40 dedome, the SBT90 should be even more intense right?

Not sure if my email was on the list so I just submitted it again.

The first post said in bold print that all code entries would be sent at once… but his post just now said 20/150? I thought it was going to be 150 all at once lol. Maybe I’m confused about what a “list entry” is.

According to their numbers it wont be noticeably more intense but it’ll have a larger hotspot and brighter spill.

“Their numbers?” Perhaps you understand the language being spoken in the video? What numbers were shared? I didn’t see any numbers anywhere in description or any other upload.

Still didn’t got anything...

Aaahhh, I think I understand the system. M4D M4X is sending it out numerically. When you stood in line.
If I’m wrong, please correct me. In the mean time, I’ll be waiting my turn.