Entered. Wow this was a hard one. Still not quite shure if I counted correctly.

Entered :slight_smile:

I entered

Glad I did not need sound, still haven’t hooked up speakers to this PC.

Do the numbers on the boxes on the table also count (multiple times)?

Martin, as a native English speaker, I appreciate you using the language. You do a very nice job speaking it. Thank you for the deals!

?? where do you read a 11 on a box?

joined. thanks.

I literally counted every 11 I could see. Is that what I’m meant to do?

but you did not see all ;)

€dit says:
Form closes in a few hours!

Martin, will you make a video then indicating all the “11”s there are in the video? :smiley:
That would be fair, for those of us that didn’t see all of them :wink:

finished it 2 hours ago ;)

I tried my luck, I’m Hoping my luck is in! Thanks for the giveaway Martin. Please tell us the number once it’s closed

Always ahead of us :smiley: :wink:
Thanks, when this is done, I wanna check how bad I’ve performed ! My eyes went :nerd_face: after re-seeing the video some times :stuck_out_tongue:

all the pairs of flashlights standing together looked like 11’s, wasnt sure if that counted, but if they did I was off by a lot lol.

no - just the number "11"

Here is the result!

Ahh, missed three of them :frowning:
Must have been the first screen from the Banggood Page…

Congrats to all the winners :slight_smile:
und Danke an Martin for the opportunity - sehr schöne Preise :+1:

Can anyone write down who are the winners? I can’t use sound now…but I didn’t get mail I was probably not among the winners. :wink:

Congrats to the winners! I got the correct number but guess I didn’t get lucky.

As an aside, how did posting in this thread give an extra chance of winning if you only counted the correct entries?

My take is the winners have been drawn based on email addresses only and he’s not posting them due to data privacy.