M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

Its in your quote, so you must have missed it…

Doh !

(to my credit, worked an extra shift today, I need sleep)

G'Day Martin,

Great idea!!


Thank You Very Much,


I sent it to you (it is still the same, but $3 less now)

I just got a great deal on my s20r


Olight M2X-UT Javelot code please

Do you ever get deals for Zebralight or Armytek?

M4D M4X ,I appreciate you getting codes you have saved me about $50 this month.(which I guess means I buy to much) I look at it as BG paying you a sales commission, cause most likely I would have bought from another site or not got them at all. If members don’t like what you do I don’t know why the bother reading your posts.

i asked Stanley from HKEqupiment often in the past an most times i got a code from him :slight_smile:

via skype: hkequipment :wink:

nice contact!

I would love a discount code for the TI DQG Spy and the Sunwayman F40a.

A few of us got our Tiaras with a M4D M4X code.

You got what? Do you wear it with a Tutu?

I know what they are... I did a give away of one that Illumn provided free of charge. I always thought the name was a terrible choice.

EA41 2015
8x Skyray

Hi, any response from BG regarding the CH10? :beer:

Code: c54801
price: $21

Code for a Olight ST25 Baton?

That’s great news! Cheers! :beer: :beer:

Can you find out which of the three available tints this one is?

Thanks much for the code!!!

M4D M4X,

I put into the shopping card 2PCS NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Gold Plating Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

and used code FDDNCR but it did not work.