M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

I sent it to you (it is still the same, but $3 less now)

I just got a great deal on my s20r


Olight M2X-UT Javelot code please

Do you ever get deals for Zebralight or Armytek?

M4D M4X ,I appreciate you getting codes you have saved me about $50 this month.(which I guess means I buy to much) I look at it as BG paying you a sales commission, cause most likely I would have bought from another site or not got them at all. If members don’t like what you do I don’t know why the bother reading your posts.

i asked Stanley from HKEqupiment often in the past an most times i got a code from him :slight_smile:

via skype: hkequipment :wink:

nice contact!

I would love a discount code for the TI DQG Spy and the Sunwayman F40a.

A few of us got our Tiaras with a M4D M4X code.

You got what? Do you wear it with a Tutu?

I know what they are... I did a give away of one that Illumn provided free of charge. I always thought the name was a terrible choice.

EA41 2015
8x Skyray

Hi, any response from BG regarding the CH10? :beer:

Code: c54801
price: $21

Code for a Olight ST25 Baton?

That’s great news! Cheers! :beer: :beer:

Can you find out which of the three available tints this one is?

Thanks much for the code!!!

M4D M4X,

I put into the shopping card 2PCS NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Gold Plating Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

and used code FDDNCR but it did not work.

[quote=The Burgh]

Can you find out which of the three available tints this one is?

probably CW (but not blueish)

mhanlen sent me one that was “bricked” I was able get it running (again thank you).

Here is what I think, I love the fact that in two clicks I can get the full range from maybe 10-30 lumes up to the rated 450 (which for a head lamp is a lot). No observed PWM no humming.

The ramping feature is so smart. click it once and it comes on in high and while holding it, it will slowly cycle “hi” through the whole “hi” range, lift a finger and that brightness is memorized. Click a second time and you are in “low” (same deal) Bingo you have two prefered levels memorized. double click, strobe, double click again and SOS. Click once more and back to “normal”

It is light weight, the band is a bit snug for “Einstein heads”, think of it as “secure :wink: ” Maybe when the elsatic streches a bit it will be just right.

FYI for thoes of us who like to mod. The head is pressfit over the (glass,reflector,emitter and pill) in such a way that I have not figured out how to get into it :frowning: . The head unscrews easily and access to both sides the board and teeny tiny wires is right there, the switch wires are tucked up in a hard to access recess (havent figured out how to get the switch out). So on a moding scale this on is a mechanical challange.

The battery comparment is long, if you pull the plain spring out it measures 75.5mm so if one wanted I am sure two 18350 cells would fit with rooom to spare, add a small spring and bobs your uncle. (just in case you were thinking about a 6V mod :slight_smile: ).

I belive it is an electronic switch (every time you repace the battery expect the light to come on and to need to reset your light levels)

Now if only we could get to the emitter.

I get that you were being sensitive to some criticism (deserved or not) about links.

But consider that if you don’t post (your) link in (your) thread it means that we and you need to go through additional separate PM’s to get your link.

If you are going to post the price with the code put your link up and we will be done with it.

I thought you were going to post two links and we would pick one (I say just post your link) and if we want to use the code directly, then folks will take care of that them selves.

So a long version of “thanks you”, yes please send me a link to the ch10 or better yet just post it in this thread.

@ trume_3454

FDDNCR works for me - tested right now…

i wanted to do that with the update yesterday - but somehow i lost the complete post twice… :expressionless:

i will try to fix that asap
(but since last week i have a lot of work in a hospital (~12 hours a day) and a baby growing teeth - just a little time for the forum :frowning:


€dit did a quick redo on Post 1…