M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

1. i will update the OP when the baby gives me some time

2. i was offended for posting “hidden” deals there
so i dont post them there any more outside this thread

3. i already made a complaint there regarding your concerns
… and asked for a CH10 code for you also :wink:

I’ve bought a lot of stuff at BG over the years.
Will they give me a code I can use from now on?
I suppose I should ask them, but I’d rather ask ‘in public’ here.

you can ask the user banggood here in the forum or mail the shop.

if you tell them that you ordered a lot i am sure you get a good deal!

but i do not think you get a “25 % off anything anytime only for hank” Code :wink:

but buying a lot helps to lower prices
(i think thats why i get sometimes better ones than others)

You missed off OLIGHT SR52 !! :slight_smile:

4th from bottom :wink:

Oh yes, did I miss it? Or did you edit!

Its in your quote, so you must have missed it…

Doh !

(to my credit, worked an extra shift today, I need sleep)

G'Day Martin,

Great idea!!


Thank You Very Much,


I sent it to you (it is still the same, but $3 less now)

I just got a great deal on my s20r


Olight M2X-UT Javelot code please

Do you ever get deals for Zebralight or Armytek?

M4D M4X ,I appreciate you getting codes you have saved me about $50 this month.(which I guess means I buy to much) I look at it as BG paying you a sales commission, cause most likely I would have bought from another site or not got them at all. If members don’t like what you do I don’t know why the bother reading your posts.

i asked Stanley from HKEqupiment often in the past an most times i got a code from him :slight_smile:

via skype: hkequipment :wink:

nice contact!

I would love a discount code for the TI DQG Spy and the Sunwayman F40a.

A few of us got our Tiaras with a M4D M4X code.

You got what? Do you wear it with a Tutu?

I know what they are... I did a give away of one that Illumn provided free of charge. I always thought the name was a terrible choice.

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