M4D M4X exclusive - a design idea...

Hello my dear friends!

Would you be interested in the first “M4D M4X exclusive” flashlight?

4x Samsung LH351D
1x 18650
Anduril UI

early design idea ;)

Is it a brass light?

Yep. Looks like either a brass light or a champagne anodized aluminium light.

Either way, with 4x LH351D 5000k 90CRI, that would be absolutely dope.

How about we make it a BLF special?

Material is not final...

So an Emisar D4 with knurling and a smaller switch?

I’d be interested if you used 21700 cell instead and a Ledil Angie-S C12285 Spot Beam lens (like the one in the Emisar D4S)

Interested Martin

I’ve seen this design before … … (With 21700)

yeah, looks a bit like a short Wuben

I feel like the market is getting saturated with quads that use linear and fet drivers. If this light (which looks similar to an Emisar D4) was offered with an efficient buck or boost constant current regulated driver, it would stand out from it’s competition.

How about a better clip than the typical snap in place crap?

Well, with 4x LH351Ds 90CRI, their low VF would work well with a buck driver.

But for absolute best regulation, a boost driver should be used.

The clip shown is seriously in need of a ramp, that part protruding will definitely catch.

Looks sweet to me. I think a 21700 tube with a premium material (Brass, Copper, Titanium) would be a big hit. It it was an aluminum body with the 18650, I’d still find it interesting… It is a proven form factor around here

There are many lights in this area. And a couple of good ones. You need something to differenciate your light from the crowd…

I would be interested.

I prefer a USB charging capability. I doubt I will purchase many more lights (other than AA, AAA) without USB

I prefer the beam distance to throw in the 200 meter range (difficult maybe with the compact head/reflector size).

Optional removable tail magnet.

That’s a tough segment you will enter Martin.

I think you have to do something extra over the fw3a, emisars and the rest.

Maybe different materials, but your datasheet says aluminium. Maybe different colours than, emisar green was the best ever colour imo.

Maybe a cc driver, 21700 cell.

And I would go for a screw on clip.

USB charging needs to be a standard for any light released in 2019…

I agree, its too similar to current trending ligts. Unless its made out of brass!

Please no… Its super ugly, not waterproof and the light will be bigger.

Captive clip by any means always gets my attention.
Screwed on or held in place by tailcap.
Snap-on clips are an afterthought.
Anything but aluminum is also a plus!