Mag 1C Shorty - what emitter and driver combo ?

So I tried direct drive and it worked for a while but damaged the Emitter - still works just not so bright.

I’ve decided to redo a new heatsink out of aluminum and make a spot for a driver.

Using the stock incan reflector what emitter and driver would be best for decent throw and some spill ?

I have a take out driver from a 5 mode UF2100 - thanks E3120 :bigsmile: but burned up the xm-l I had to play with.

The body is all done and so is the switch mod. I will remake a heatsink out of aluminum and get some 24awg wire. I tried 18awg - what I had and its too big. where is a good place to get high temp wire ?


Illumination Supply sells teflon wire. I also bought some silicone wire off Ebay.

EDIT - I built a 3C Mag XP-G neutral white (used a Mag LED reflector though). The XP-G has decent spill but more throw than an XM-L with increased runtime (only pushing the XP-G at 1.4A in this mod, I'd go to around 2.0 or 2.2 now). I'd say go with Int'l Outdoor's neutral XP-G2 now. That or an XM-L U3. That 12mm U3 from I/O will fit nicely into the Mag reflector.


The stock Incan reflector will not give good throw or spill. It's made for an incandescent bulb. It is not made for a led and the reflector profile is not for a led. it will be ringy as hell and the only way to correct it is to sputter it and then you just have a mule. You need a reflector for a led. Might as well buy a led there too. XM-L or, or, or, and a driver. They have several for XM-L.

Edit: the reflector will not fit in the head, without removing 1mm from the diameter. No reflector fits in a Maglite except possibly an expensive one from CPF or from the Old KD website, either way it's $20+ to go either of those places.

You could buy a Maglite led reflector from Zbattery but it will be long for the Incan head, which means the heat sink has to be down a ways in the body, or the head can't be screwed on all the way.

I´ve just put an xm-l u2 led in my old incan 4D mag with a 32*22 mm alu heatsink using the original reflector and a 3.04a driver from Illuminationsupply.

Really nice and bright (on 4D alkies) but with an ugly dark jagged hole in the middle of the beam, so I´ll go with the reflector O-L recommends. I don´t find the beam too ringy though.

I´ve tried it without the reflector and it makes a hell of a mule!

Have yet to cut it down to either 1 or 2 D length and use it with 26650 li-ion and still have the possibility to use 3AA to D adapters.

I really want to do a mule this year, if I find the time. Always wanted to do a 1D mule.