Maglite 1C low price

Hallo guys,
My name is Oliver and i`m from germany.
I have three maglite 1D`s. But now, after i received a maglite 5C, i`m looking for any maglite 1C.
The handling of C maglites is great! :slight_smile:

I`m not looking for a special maglite 1C, you can offer me any modded type. 8)
Thank you guys.
Greetings from germany, and sorry for my bad english.


I got that one. Not real cheap, but considering I have over $150 put into it, I think the $90 I am asking is cheap.

Don’t ever worry about your English, your talking Flashlight here :slight_smile:

You know, after you get the 1C, you’ll need a 3C, then a 7C. Then you’ll need colors.

Welcome to the forum and watch out for your paypal account.

Pulsar Thank you for your offer, but 90$ is a little bit to expensive. =) ruffles Oh yeah, i know that feeling, if you buy one you need more and more. I got so far about 9 maglites. The 5C is my new beauty but a 7C would let me freak out. :heart_eyes:

If you’re in a do it yourself mood, our man Old-Lumens has done some great tutorials on what he calls the “human lathe” method of cutting down a mag. I’m pretty sure you’ll find some video as well as his excellent instructions.