Maglite 1D & 3D Hosts for sale! ALL SOLD

Maglite 1D & 3D Hosts for sale! Get 'em while they're hot! Shipping (CONUS) & Internationally!Smile

Up for sale are three Maglite Hosts. (these were all Incans)
Lots of hand work in these lights, from hand cut rings, to polished parts. They are all unique and beautiful. You buy 'em, You mod 'em.

SOLD First up is this 1D Black Maglite, with a Tail cap Switch! OAL of this light is just 6-1/4". It's a real shorty. This is a bare host, you buy it, you mod it! It comes with the stock reflector, the stock plastic lens and no stock switch, since the switch is in the tail cap. The barrel has been bored to (APPROXIMATELY), 1.375" ID.





SOLD Next is a Beautiful Blue 1D! I love the looks of this light. This light measures 7-3/8" OAL and retains the stock switch. You get the stock reflector, plastic lens and switch. You buy it, you mod it.





SOLD Last is this Gray 3D Maglite. It has a lot of work done to it, in the form of cosmetics. Hand cut rings, hand polished bezel & tail cap and painted sections to offset the gray. It is a stock 3D Maglite length and retains the stock switch, reflector and lens. You buy it, you mod it.







SOLD 1D Black Mag - $40 USD with Free (CONUS) Shipping - International please add $5 USD

SOLD 1D Blue Mag - $45 USD with Free (CONUS) Shipping - International please add $5 USD

SOLD 3D Gray Mag - $45 USD with Free (CONUS) Shipping - International please add $5 USD

Shipping is Parcel Post (CONUS) and First Class International outside of the US

Payment is PayPal - FIRST PART valleau AND THEN YOU PUT THE @ SYMBOL FOLLOWED BY is my (for paypal only) e-mail address

Post here that you will take it and follow that with a payment and PM Please, Thank You

Questions ??

Ah!! I'll take the 1D blue.

Paypal sent.


You got it Rich.


I rushed right over when I heard you posted a for-sale thread. I'll take the Black 1D with the tail switch for $40. If you're up for crafting a 4.8V 4AA carrier for an additional $20, I'll take that too.

You got it, the light that is. It will ship tomorrow.

Don't know about the carrier for sure. I will let you know in a day or so. I was trying to get CNQualityGoods to see if he can get some of the overseas carriers for me. I was told he could source them for me. If he does, it's a lot easier to mod one of them, than to try to make one from scratch and they hold batteries together much better. I had written him again this morning, so I probably will have a response when I get home from work.

LOL - these math questions are giving me a headache.Frown

Nice! The 1D format is very interesting, it's the most ubiquitous battery type around the world, even more so than AA.

Buyers, please review these lights, we'd love to hear the details. A big thanks to Old Lumens for these offers!

Justin, that black 1D is really hot!

Can't believe I missed out on those 1D's :( especially that purdy blue one!

I'll take the 3D for $45.

Paypal sent.


Hey Justin, I hope you don't mind me obfuscating your email address to save you from some annoying spam. Spammers obviously like our site, so it's best to make it harder for robots to scan the site for email addresses.

It’s yours Foy. I will send all of them tomorrow.

Thank you all very much.

Thank you for looking after me.Laughing

All 3 lights shipped today. Priority Mail.

Have fun guys!

So I packaged 3 lights at the same time (I'm so efficient) and labeled three lights for shipment (such a wiz!).

Do we know where this is going?

I wonder who got what?

Next time I sell them One At A Time!

I got my grey O-L/3D Mag today and it is gorgeous. (it's also the correct light)



I got the black one... it worked out anyway... the other guy apparently wanted to keep the blue, so we're all good!

Believe me... the pics don't do it justice. The thing is gorgeous and everything is perfect! I've modded a bunch but none look this good... I'm happy!


You know it's quality craftsmanship when all of your custom items sell the first day. Those are beautiful!

Old-Lumens, do you have any "video" on how you get that nice looking head and tailcap with that Blue one..?