MagLite 2 AA LED

Well, I didn’t really need a new light, but I bought one anyway, just to see what all the yelling was about.
Ooo, it worked nicely! Great brightness, and low was very useful, but the twisty switch for focus/modes was a bit inconvenient, so it sat in my drawer with little use until about a month ago.

Straaange happenings! All of a sudden, High mode would come on, but it was the very dickens to get into Low, and sometimes it would skip to the flashing ones, or just go dark!

I emailed Mag, and got the answer that they wouldn’t exchange the light for one of their products that has an MSRP lower than the LED’s. The rep said they would repair it. Fair enough, but the postage, plus the $7.00 they require for return postage(?) would bring the shipping costs to about half of what I paid for the light originally.

I won’t give a malfunctioning light to one of my Boy Scout grandkids, so does anyone know of an inexpensive mod that will make it a reliable light, like all of my other mags?

Sounds like a contact problem.

Try cleaning the electrical contacts to solve the flickering issue, if that’s possible at all.

Thank you, Ryan; I cleaned all the contacts I could find, and it works better than ever!

Good to hear that. Enjoy your light! :slight_smile:

If only all important things in life could be so easy.

I am glad that fix ryansoh3 offered did help. Contact issues will drive you freaking crazy.