Maglite 3 aaa mods

Has anyone messed with these yet? I’m contemplating this mod.

3*AAA? Is this the XL-50 where they are next to each other?

I think PCC has performed a mod with an XL100. edit: thanks scaru :bigsmile:

Found it.

Sorry I meant 2 aaa batteries. Thinking three AAA’s though!!!

Old-Lumens has documented a couple modded 2AAA Mini Mags if that’s what you’re after. A great example was his Blues Brothers trio of modded Mags.

I picked up a grey AAA Minimag “with intent”. I like to cut up a multi mode board to fit it slideways in the tube. The head threads are done like the AA so it should be possible to do a “chop mod” and feed the battery through the head.

In fact I was doing some testing with an XM-L emitter and am about to do the same for mine on my 2 battery aaa light. Nice to get some examples though. Oh and yes I drove this emitter direct too and so far no ill effects. Also working on a standard PR3 bulb housing to place an XM-L emitter too. Uses a thick solid copper wire to mount to housing and dissipate heat from emitter. Not sure how long this will last though.
BTW thanks for the info and thanks to Old-Lumens for making it !!