Maglite or C8

After a bit of advice from you guys

I’ve got an old 5 D cell maglite, if I convert it using a TTS-3WCR90 LED or similar, how would the light output compare to a C8.

I’m not sure if I should spend money on the mag or invest in something else, not bothered about size or weight, just need a good beam.

How handy are you? The Maglite does give many options, although a 5d would likely be pretty unwieldy.

The c8 in comparison is tiny but throws out a hell of a lot of usefull light. I love c8 sized lights, and you do have a few options in that size, the main question is, how comfortable are you in the use of lithium cells and I don’t mean lithium AA’s, I mean 4.2v - 3v lithium ion cells. You would have to factor in buying a pair of good cells (10 - 20 quid) and a charger ( tenner) on top of the light itself.

If you then need good throw, a c8 is not necessarily the best buy, don’t get me wrong, they are good, but for similar money, you can get better.

I see your in Shropshire, what’s your intended light use? A smallsun zy-t08 would give you much more throw and is not much bigger and less expensive than the best c8, the xintd c8.

Hopes this helps, and feel free to ask any more or for links/further suggestions. Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here. :slight_smile:

Welcome ash66! Listen to gords, he know what he's talking about. Comparing a Maglite (esp. 5D) to a C8 is like comparing apples and oranges. If you really want to build off a Maglite, a 2D or 3D (or even C cell) would be more suited. You won't be able to run alkalines; you'd have to run NiMh cells.


Hi Ash,

I have a TTS XPG R5. Its a good drop in and if you ask me one of the best simply because there are no mods whatsoever and it works well. It has a hell of a throw and decent spill, but Gordo has a point with C8. If you are willing to go lithium then you will not look back. As I said I like the drop in but for less money I have just ordered a Supfire X5 about £12! and I have no doubt it will make a show of my Maglite in every way. You also have to ask yourself how usefull is a 5D maglite?

Welcome to BLF by the way.


Listen Garry and Gords they both know what there talkin about! As in total light output the C8 with a xml blows the doors off of the Mag in total light output. I initially wanted to do a mag mod when i joined here also but there quite expensive to do and not real simple. Good luck and ask more questions if needed

Thanks for the welcome and reply :slight_smile:

I’m fine with using lithium ion cells

I live out in the sticks a bit and we’ve had the odd intruder so need something that I could use to search the garden/field.

I did hope to spend around £50 ish

gords1001 are you into 4x4, offroading ? we do a bit in the old landy.

I think you should do/have both!

If you like the Mag, play with it, ask some advice when you are ready to open it up and put an old friend back to some good use.

Given the size differential between the two; when you walk out the door, one can go in your pocket, jacket pocket or small holster, the Mag cannot. (in this case, less is more!)

And the C8 is ready to go when the postman rings and asks you to sign for the box.

Have a look Ash.


You will spend far more money modding a Mag with an XM-L just to get it as bright as a C8 that already has an XM-L. Unless you plan on using all that 5D length and weight as a torch/club I'd skip right to a C8. All around more useful and practical light for a fraction of the end cost of an XM-L modded Mag.

With the LED you planned to mod the Mag with you've already spent more money than you would to get a C8 and the Mag, with that little, poorly heat-sinked XP-E, won't perform anywhere near as well as a C8.

Tha Mag LED upgrade you linked will create a pencil beam of light. Have a look at this beamshot thread taking note of the Mag LED (an XP-E) and the recommended Small Sun ZY-T08. Also look at this old beamshot thread specifically comparing the Mag incandescent, Mag LED, and KD C8 (typical 3A driven XM-L C8). Trying to spot an intruder with an XP-E pencil beam could be tough!


Thats what I was trying to say JMac. I guess he could get a zombie hunter :bigsmile: could be zombies getting in the garden!

Hey ash, I do a bit of off-roading, not so much as I used too but I keep my hand in, with three kids, the little zuk just wouldn’t do it, now I have this…

<a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=>

<a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=>

As I needed a people carrier. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as I say there are a few c8 sized options

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Which can be usefull, but I would recommend a zy-t08

<a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=>

With a simple resistor mod (pm me, I’ll send you a variable resistor or do the mod if you prefer) you have one hell of a thrower, I suspected the reason when I saw your location as I’ve got relatives in welshpool.

Keep the mag loaded with d cells for when you find the scum….

We haven’t had any zombies around since we put a pic of the mother in law in the window >) :bigsmile:

I think the mag can stay in the draw for now, I quite like the look of the smallsun zy-t08

Is there anywhere in the uk that sells them ?

That ZY-T08 is a damn good thrower in stock form, don't feel that it has to get modded. Could it use the mod, sure. Is it still awesome as is, yep!


That looks the part gords1001

I’ve got a disco with a bit of kit on , we go into wales and do a few lanes, the kids love it.

Not in the UK, however…

These guys are pretty good, also that’ll be about fifteen quid, then add at least four cells (it takes two in parallel) and a charger

And use coupon code blf for 5% off and you’ll likely have it in a couple of weeks for just over fifty quid. Wish these guys had been about a few months ago. :bigsmile:

Cross posted, we’ll have to meet up and do a lane of two sometime, the stepson loves it, the babies and Mrs are not quite so impressed :tired: we go up to drumclog with difflock, that’s worth a trip sometime.

Thanks for the help everyone, going to order one in the morning :slight_smile:

Deffo have to do some lanes gords

mrs wants to drive strata, I like happy valley and the pen steps, not sure if you can still drive them though.

Strata is good, cracking drive too …… pheasant steps are no more alas [bloody NERC]

Didnt know you were also into laning gords ? …. Defender man myself 8)

Oh yeah, not done too much yet, my last ride was an sj pay and play monster, it would have got any lane it went on shut down lol. The cruiser is far more civilised, although its still got a straight through pipe on it the turbo quietens it down 8) I love my jap 4 x 4’s but I’m happy out with the Landrover lads, makes for good ribbing on both sides :bigsmile:

I think you’ll like the zy-t08 ash, its a real nice pocketable thrower.