Maglite Solitaire LED are in!

Hello All,

We just received our first batch of Maglite Solitaire LEDs! I believe we are the first to have them in stock. I don’t have any pictures from mag yet, but we took some ourselves. They look nice and its way past due for the ancient incandescent Solitaire.

I’ll try to take more pictures or some measurements tomorrow.

Disclosure: I run the website.


nice! Been waiting for this moment for a while…

Welcome to BLF and thanks for posting. Any an all information on specs you can supply would be appreciated.

Here's the pictures from the website if any of you LED experts want to dissect it:

Welcome to BLF, molight! How much for shipping one of these in the states?

Specs would be good. Wouldn't but one until I knew the specs, modes (if any), etc.

Welcome to the BLF !

Do you offer any discounts to forum members ? Those are always welcome.

That doesn’t looks like any of Cree’s LEDs… interesting what it could be.

Looks like a Luxeon Rebel to me.

I don’t have any official specs on these yet, I have seen about 40 lumens mentioned. I should know more tomorrow. The first batch we have is in a presentation box and I have no output specs (I checked in the booklet too). Candle mode at this power level is actually useful now.

It seems brighter then a fenix LD01 I have for comparison, but I don’t think I’m a good judge at light output. The narrow spot setting is much more narrower then the LD01.

Put down “BLF FREE SHIP” in the order comments and I’ll ship free via first class mail to the lower 48 US… probably until about Wednesday. Ignore the shipping charges, I’ll zero them out, but remember to write in the comments.


Thanks, Moses. Very generous.

Approx 320ma draw at the tailcap with a brand new alkaline

How many lumens??? Single mode?

You're going to love it here, molight!

37 Lumens and it can produce a "blast of light that can light up an object at the far end of the parking lot".

Must be a small parking lot.

Well it's better than an incan solitare...


Actually that kind of appeals, I like simple on/off lights still. Saves faffing about getting the mode you want, or having to compare modes to which is best… :wink:

Also I must have read a hundred times over at CPF that people love the M mode on AAA lights and find them most useful. I think M for many of them is 30-40 lumens. And I agree, that amount of light is enough to be useful, not too much that it’ll be blinding or cause glare if you are using it as a map light and low enough to offer good run times.

Do I think it’s the best or world changing, no. But I can see it being highly useful and versatile and great for people who simply aren’t into flashlights like we are.

Great to see these finally released. The 2-lumen Solitaire was pathetic, but this one is pretty reasonable. I read at CPF that they are using a Luxeon C LED which is similar to the Rebel, but maximum current is 500mA.

Glad to have you here, molight. Thanks for offering a discount! (is the discount still available?)

I think the LED is a Luxeon C or Z, meaning no dome on the LED (dedomed on stock!). That probably helps with throw. A Luxeon CZ would be interesting, I don’t think cubic zirconia is LED material.

Nice to see Maglite updating their lights.