Maglite upgrade or new unit?

Hi Guys,

Looking to upgrade or maybe replace my 'house torch'. This is currently a maglite 4d (incandescent bulb), it doesn’t get used a huge amount generally just for going into to my loft or in my garden/shed at night. Have found the Fusion 36 led drop in replacement which seems nice and simple and the reviews I’ve seen all seem positive, but old. Is there better around for similar money or a better performing unit from dealextreme (or similar place)?

Would prefer to stick to easily found batteries (have some aa to d adapters at the moment)

Nope. The fusion won't throw well, but lumens/$ in a mag drop in (true drop in -> no mods needed) it is unmatched.

unless there is something i don't know about that is now available, you'd still be way better off smending the money on a new light.

You really don´t need to spend much to get a light (AA-powered for example) which meets and exceeds 4D Mags power and runtime, yet is smaller, lighter, has modes etc.

BUT, if you like the Mag, I´ve heard a lot of good from Fusion drop-in!

I think that there are a lot of positives to the maglite especially a big'un like the 4D.


-easy to find and cheap parts to repair

-fairly waterproof -great heatsinking capabilities with all that aluminum

-who needs an assault crown when you have a 5lb 15" club to introduce an intruder to.

Yes, in stock form they are duller than almost every flashlight you can buy at DX, but they shouldn't be dismissed so readily as a host for some awesome lights. From sst-90's to multiple xm-l's to HID's to ROP's and MAG85's all the way to an 18,000 lumen incan monster running 8 IMR26500's in a 6D, the mag has been the go to host for more flashaholics than any other

With a bit of careful grinding/filing and an easy mod to the switch I have used a couple of these....

and turned a 4D and a 2D(with 2x18650) into a great usable torches. I too like the size of the maglites and the fit in the hand as well as having a switch on the side.

I have the fusion. It's ok if you like the maglite, it's similar in performance and price to a 1 cell lithium xml light if you run it with 4+ 1.2v cells. Frankly if I'm going to carry a light that big, the 3*xml's is where it's at now. Almost 3 times brighter for about twice as much. Only downside is that everything including the house lights will look dim by comparison.

I have purchased 4 of the Fusion36 dropins . Two were the early cold white purplish units and the others are the newer warm version .

I am fairly certain that currently nothing is better to revive an old Mag . It will repurpose your old mag into a pure bright flooder . The ease of installation , price and utility of the dropin is hard to beat .

On 4 D cell alkaline batteries ( or 5 C cells ) this is a lot of light for cheap and it's a power miser as well .

If you're interested , here is the long thread in the budget section of CPF .( You'll have to log in )

if you still like the mag, i've heard good things about the fusion actual drop-in, as opposed to some retro-fitting required virtual drop-ins. even better are the terralux drop-ins. check them out if you really want to upgrade your mag, but they are not cheap. again, just me, but i've looked long and hard at these, and i couldn't find anything out there that i thought was worthwhile vs a newer, much smaller and cheaper new flashlight.

The terralux leds are OK but thay have a 2-3cell and a 4-6 cell. I found that you are better off running 3D cells and a blank in a 4D cell maglite as it's a lot brighter than a 4-6 cell as it's running at it's lowest current rating.

I have one of these in a 2D maglite and it works quite well although you still have to mod the same as the 5xR2 dropin.

i have an old terralux twist on dropin for a 3 c mag up graded to a P4 - possible to a xml later

very good work light , retains focus-abilty which actually isnt that great but works

+1 to the above $20 and some work = versatilty , nice mag body. if you like the D models

i hav a 4C with a p7 dropin , xmls werent out then . it takes work griding it down and everything else but for 20x the light or greater , not to mention the efficiency at low , i regret that my p7 only has one mode

THE KICKER !! i can use either 4 Cs off the shelf , 4 AA converted, or 2 18650s ( which is actually brighter)

the tle-300m has an operating voltage range of 6v-12v, so it can be powered many different ways.

Thanks for the feed back guys. I'm not emotionally attached to the maglite, but it will be staying even if its not used- it would make a very good 'meet and greet' light if I every had unexpected visitors one night ;)

Reading through the comments on DX about the drop in some people say its hard to mod the head (one guy says don't bother without a lathe?!) I take it its not to much hard work with a dremel? Grind a bit, test fit. Grind a bit, test fit. Grind a bit, test fit and repeat till it goes?

What mods would the switch need?

Simply put, cut off the bulb tower and solder some wires to connect to the dropin. Google it and you will find a bunch of links with pic’s on how to. It is pretty easy though.

get the fusion drop in then buy a new light. kd c-8 or something. You won't use your mag after that. I found the terralux very poor in comparison and not worth the money.

Cheers guys, have ordered a fusion. I'm sure i'll be happy with it- I've made do with the standard bulb untill now Surprised

Will order another light soon to keep in the car - no doubt a more tasty/brighter/lithium jobbie Cool

Will post up my opions when it arrives...

Nb: Its recommended for 9v use not 12v. Though there is a higher voltage drop in available.

I'm sure i'll be happy with it- I've made do with the standard bulb untill now

If the latter is the case, then you'll be very pleased with it.

Now that things have changed with available drop ins, I was wondering if this one from Fasttech would be a quick painlesss drop-in that I wouldn’t have to change the switch, and would work with four 32650 cells?