Maglite upgrade to LED questions

Hello. I am looking to purchase a baton, I mean flashlight since I work part time security. My 3D was ruined by a leaking duracell alkaline so I am about to order a 5D or 6D from amazon.

I want to upgrade it to LED but cannot afford to spend too much. My requirements:

- Be LED and give a decent amount of light. At least around 500 lumens. Up to 1000 would be great.

  • Use Ni-Mh rechargable batteries instead of leaky alkaline D’s.

So what is my best option ? I can go either 5D or 6D since the voltage will be different (1.2V x 5 and 1.2v x 6) so whatever works better with the drop in or replacement LED bulb.

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

Personally I think you need a different light. Not sure what "baton" light to recommend at 500+ lumens though. There are some Mag drop-ins for 4 to 6 D cells like: It's expensive though. I have no idea how good it is either.


Hmm that is pricy… They also have this 140 lumen LED bulb for 14 bucks.

I suppose that can work too ? Is 140 lumens enough for the average joe doing part time security ?

I have a TerraLux single LED 180 lumen replacement “bulb” for my 6D cell Maglite and it is top quality. TerraLux seem to do what they claim.
I got mine from the TorchSite but that might not be “local” to you. :bigsmile: I bought my 6D from Canadian Tire while on holiday to Toronto. :slight_smile:

That 140 lumens will most likely be a narrow beam "thrower". The 1000 lumens will be floodier. It all depends on what you want (I'd lean toward the floodier beam.). You would have a lot nicer options with the amount of money you're spending (though not baton style).

BTW, do you have Tractor Supply stores in Canada (TSC)? They used to have a big baton Brinkmann (think it was 6D) LED light, but I don't remember the output (I think it was under 500). I posted a pic of it in an old thread here on BLF. Ah, I just found it here. It's only 180 lumens (possibly moddable though).


Part time or not I wouldn’t want to skimp on what I need to see. 100-200 lumens is fine for walking the dog but it would suck to get into a situation that could be prevented by more throw or miss something you’re being paid to look out for. 500 - 1000 lumens isn’t hard to come by these days and some of the newer Maglite LED upgrades are in that range.A few options They’re pricey once you include the nimh cells especially if you get 2 sets but if you want to have a maglite and don’t want to do a major mod it’s one way to go. Another would be to simply ask if a member would be willing to do a 4D mag mod for you or place a wtb for the size and output you want. Even that ruined 5D can probably be resurrected and blaze for you. This is a great place for finding help that way. Just ask.

There’s another option that’s been done many times, with good results. Upgrade a Maglite D with a 5x Cree XR-E R2 LED Drop-in Module
You do not have to do it exactly as this guy did it. You can wire it up directly to the switch and take all the bulb tower parts out completely from the Maglite and cut the the switch housing tower off. Quite easy to do for most anyone.
Here’s another way.
This has been done several different ways with several different battery configurations. Do a google search for more ideas. I can remember seeing several good builds on that other forum. Here’s one I always liked, he used the 6 led drop-in.

Hmm the Malkoff is too pricy… 70 for dropin plus 30 for maglite 30 for batteries plus shipping ect……

Maybe there is an alternative flashlight that runs on 18650s and good for security? Something big and rugged.

If you were willing to DIY the cost comes way down but that won’t eliminate battery costs. At that point the magcharger is competitive. You might rephrase the op title to ask the question ” what’s a good, solid, dependable baton light to replace a 5D”. It sounds like your not wedded to a Mag which opens up a huge selection of powerful budget lights.