Maglite XHP50 Mod

i had an old LED maglite that needed an upgrade.
This is my first Maglite mod and it took a lot more time to do then i expected.
But im very happy with how it turned out.
The LED i am using is a XHP50 J4 1D

i started by taking it apart. The LED model uses a torx screw instead of a hex screw.
I dont have a torx screwdrivers so i decided to drill out the screw.
drilling out the screw made the stock switch not usable anymore. So i bought a toggle switch from amazon.

the driver i used is from a TR-J19. it puts out a constant current of about 4A
I had to modify the driver in order to make it less high.

Picture of the whole driver/switch assembly.

for the heatsink i used a old Intel heatsink. I had to cut off all the fins. A friend of mine then turned it to size.
I wanted to keep the “focus-defocus” ability of the stock light. I had to make a pillar that would fit in the hole of the reflector.
for the pillar i used a Noctigon MT-G Board for the base with 4 copper discs soldered on.

to make sure the pillar had a good contact i drilled some holes and screwed the board to the heatsink.
I also drilled wire holes.

After putting everything back together i encountered some problems. the light kept shorting out and the wire would desolder themself.
I found out the cut down sinkpad had the Positive side in contact with the base.
To fix this problem i cut down a noctigon and reflowed the XHP50 to the new board.

Some Beamshots compared to a Modded TR-J19 (3A per led/ 2leds dedomed 1 domed)
first picture is the maglite, second the TR-J19



Thanks for reading!


Nice mod and thanks for sharing. Your mode spacing looks about perfect to me. What driver are you using?

I dont know the exact model but it came from a TR-J19
I had it laying around from when I modded that light.