Maglite + XM-L

Hello. I got DX drop-in and put it in maglite head.

Left - XM-L head 7.4V 1.72A high mode, Right - 5xQ5 7.2V 1.82A high mode.

Red arrows - grinding surfaces. For grinding brass ring you must remove LED driver. It have 2 PCBs. Second PCB have only 2 rings for "+" and "-". The driver have voltage monitor. If voltage drops below 6.5V driver jumps to low mode. If you plan to use it with 4D malite you must remove this function. Connect 2nd PIC pin to 7 and remove 0603 5.1k (512) smd resistor.

Nice job moniac!

Great review and thanks for the "how to" photos. It looks like a simple inexpensive mod for those with old D mags hanging around collecting dust. What battery combination were you using during your test? Will it throw as far as the 5 x Q5 module?

I tested both heads with 6D combination with old batteries (6*1.5 must be 9 volts, mine only 7.2-7.4)

I also tested heads with 4D batteries but the current was too high on high mode for alkaline batteries(>4A).

If you plan to use these drop-ins with short maglites(2D, 3D) you must use AA batteries connected in series(2D - 6AA, 3D - 9AA) to reduce the current througth the batteries or use Li-ion.

No 5xQ5 throws a little bit further but XM-L have flood and useful beam for close-up tasks. And XM-L drop-in has lower price(XML - $19, 5xQ5 - $33)

Do you have any idea how to connect 6AA in series in a 2D Mag? Thanks.

3AA --> D adapter

Thanks a lot man, I need this for a long time!

KD was out of stock of these for several years. Maybe they have some more in stock now.

They are useless for currents over an amp without modding - basically replace all conductors with the heaviest copper you can make fit in there.

They are worth every penny for low current uses though - even if they have more than doubled in price. For the likes of the Fusion36 dropin they are ideal. For ROP High bulbs, not so much.

Anyway to get the pics reposted?

Welcome Kurt, sorry but pics are hosted offsite and that members been gone for 3 years. He would have to supply the links unless they could still be found floating around the web somewhere. It’s not uncommon for old threads to lose images this way.

Yup, understood.
What I missed was that the OP hasn’t been around for almost 4 years……
I dug up some pics.