MagMod 2D_CK: 6xAA or 2x18650, XM-L2 warm 90+CRI, true constant current olight driver, 636Lm, factory focusable head

This is my 2D Magmod, this was a fun project and you can see the build thread here. Please take a look threw it for all the details, I'll just put the highlights / spec's here

2-mode olight driver true CC, 3.4A for 636Lm high, 217Lm low, The output is exactly the same regardless if your running 6AA's or 2 18650's. The head still focuses just like a factory incan and the XM-L2 S6 7D3 puts out warm white 90+ CRI light that looks very much like the color of the stock incan bulb (but of course many many times more output). One other point to mention, the factory switch was replaced with an electronic "tact" button. The light will include the 18650 PVC spacer and the 6AA battery carrier, when using AA's there also needs to be a copper spacer used in the battery tube to make up the extra length (and yes its included too). just want to reiterate since it makes this light so special, the output on both high and low is exactly the same between battery types! (note 6AA's are in series) DO NOT TRY 6x14500! Oh also there is a hidden strobe accessible by double click.

Price for everything is $50 shipped CONUS 7/15 price drop $45 shipped and will include a pair of 18650's!

(Lens & reflector are factory)

Again many more shots and beamshots in build thread

I can’t see the beam shots…?

I’m sorry, there is a 60m shot here vs. a few others, I thought I had them up in the build thread. I have some and will get them up ASAP

Bumping this one too, for no extra money I will be glad to swap in an XM-L2 U2 1A instead of the S6 if anyone is interested in the light but doesn’t like warm white.

This option will literally double output (also let me know of you’d like it dedomed at the same time, these D cell mag reflectors are well known for having good throw and focusing a dedomed emitter is as simple as twisting the head). With a U2 it should do ~1100Lm OTF and [if dedomed] ~75kcd+.

bump drice drop, $45 shipped! will even include a set of 18650’s!

I’ll take it with the dedomed option XM L2-U2

e-mail me at for payment details



paypal sent. thanks gary

PM sent

do you make p60 style dropins?