Make New Flashaholics!

Just a quick story, since I’ve had a few (too many) celebratory brews…

I have a harbor freight aluminum case with 2 x 7g5v2s, 2 collimator heads, 1 zy-t13, and an extra 7g5v2 pill (even the outside anozided part) with green sst-90.

There is one open slot in the case for my next zy-t13, and I’ll have a very nice set :bigsmile:

A few friends have stopped over the last couple evenings because I’m moving soon.

I decided to show them the contents, since they already knew I was into flashlights, but don’t really know much about it.

They were all QUITE surprised - before even taking anything out of the case, there were comments about not knowing a flashlight could even look like that - but there was still just a little mocking….

Then we went outside, and….despite the street lights…they found out what a real flashlight looks like at over a couple hundred meters :wink:

Well - - ALL of them, totally changed their tune.

They wanted flashlights - not necessarily for the same purpose as those throwers, but they went on to tell me about their lights and how much they’d like this or that for one thing or another.

Everybody likes flashlights, we just need to help awake their inner flashaholic :wink:

Yeah, telling people about flashlights can be weird UNTIL you show them what today´s lights can do. I´ve told several friends about my new lights (I´ve got a small collection of beginner lights) and they did not care until it was dark and I said “now I can show you something”. I love that scenario

All to true! I feel like that a lot. Glad I am not the only one. Lol.

I lent my dad some of my smaller single cell lights for a job he had to do at work……

I’ve had orders for a few packages after that, they were previously using the “1000, 000 candle power” spot lights that last about ten minutes before the cell goes flat, they couldn’t believe they could get so much light out of such a small package. 8)

dthrckt. You must have nicer friends than I as everyone I show thinks I’m a nutcase and l’m only fit for the looney bin.
Wanna lend me some of your friends?

It is a nice story though.

That seems to be the main theme. It’s ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……… until you put it in their face and then it’s WOW………… where can I get one of those and how much was it……… :slight_smile:

I think its just already well established that I’m a nutcase :wink:

that’s it - they have no idea until we show them :slight_smile:

This exactly.

Or when they fall in love with the TK75 so you tell them the price and they instantly roll their eyes like you're insane. (It's not even double the price of most surefires and streamlights)

I was helped awake my inner flashaholic, I am thinking to help awake my GF.

My girlfriend was the first, she opened my third flashlight that came in the mail before I even got home and asked if she could have it before I even laid eyes on it, haha.

My crabbing buddies rolled over pretty damn quick after an overnight expedition that had me catching the bag limit for each of them.

My 'kill' count is approaching a dozen.