Make This Folding Knife With Basic Tools

I know this is a light forum but I thought all you knife lovers would get a kick out of this video

Pretty cool. He seems to know what he’s doing.

Impressive. You don't have to love knives to appreciate his craftsmanship and ingenuity. Imagine what he would do in one of our scratch build contests. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoyable video, and easy to watch.Reminds me too, i must get a new file, the state of mine is appaling!

That was an awesome video. Thanks for sharing! If this video doesn’t make you want to make your own knife, then nothing will lol.

I didn’t notice this until later, but that big vise that he uses throughout the video is homemade also.
The Video
On first viewing I did notice that he uses an old tap as a punch. Sometimes a short, fat punch works best. Also that tap is probably of very high quality and is very hard. Most punches that are bought are of poor quality and are not really suitable as a metal punch. Many other tricks and tips throughout the video.

That reminded me I was going to try making some custom scales for my kershaw skyline.

Quote “I didn’t really go overboard with it…”

haha - of course you did. it looks way better than most retail budget knives… lol