Make your own budget Elephant

I’ve always wanted to make a light with FM Elephant host, which I think it’s one of the best looking host ever.

I like the original 3x18650 elephant better than the fatter 4x18650 elephant II. However, I’ve never able to commit to either one as it’s simply to pricy & certainly wouldn’t be suitable for the frugal spirit of BLF.

When I saw the slim 3x18650 host at CNG, cost about $40 with shipping, I know the time has come for me to make my own Budget Elephant.

The price difference is huge, which allows me to put the money savings in good use & bought a nice Skil Drill Press & still have left over enough for 10 big MACs :slight_smile:

I cut the host in half & bore it open using my new dill press for inserting mag tube:


The Franken host contains 3 sections: FM Turbo head, mag Neck & budget elephant body

Mag D neck gets JB welded into budget elephant body, Voila, it’s done!

A few more photos: What do you guys think?

Looks great! Where do you get that turbo head?


Very nice work!

You were supposed to send that drill press to my address, or did you forget? LOL

Great mod!, but you always do great mods!

Nice work. Very imaginative creative.

I thought about it but you already have a DIY drill press, I was certainly in more desperate needs…:slight_smile:

For those who whishes to make a budget elephant but doesn’t have access to drill press, don’t let it stop you, it can be done w/o one, just take some practice.


Amazing, a real monster :smiley:

Have you ever encountered any problems with JB-welded bodies to be non conductive because of the glue?

I saw this post and immediately had thoughts of having my own cheap pachyderm. Or maybe a modded old Elephant Brand Incan like the one I have of my parents. That would have been very cool. I can imagine that with an XM-L. Now I am disappointed. Cool light though. You guys do some great work.

I have not, usually, flashlight use the body to conduct electricity, I conect bare metal to bare metal & do 3-4 point JB Welding so the joint remain conductive.

In this light, no need thou, I put JB weld all over. Because the holder has both + & _ on top end & doesn’t use body for electrical conductivity.

What’s the battery setup look like?

And do you hold the body of the light and use the drill press to just hold the drill bit really steady?

Battery is 3P 18650.

Yes, the drill press provide depth control, I hold the body with two hands for the grinding.