Makeshift Convoy S11 Quad

Don’t think there are proper spacers available just yet, but thought that my third or fourth (I already lost track) build will be a Convoy quad.

Total breakdown:

MTN FET/7135 Driver
4x Samsung LH351D
Copper spacers
Smaller copper spacers
Thermal Paste
KeepPower 26650 Unprotected
Carclo Quad 10621

Due to the small opening in the middle of the driver, I ended up using a 22ga anode lead, but was able to fit an 18ga cathode

S/o to Simon for making a beefy tube light. Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

Very nice - how is the heat transfer while in use?

Thanks! Not a lot of sophisticated measurement tools on hand at the moment, but if I run it on turbo, I get about 1 minute until auto shutoff - might need to revisit that issue. The head is barely warm at that point. It never reaches a point where it’s unbearable enough to not hold. A proper copper heatsink might yield better performance, but I’m running into issues with getting the light to run for a couple minutes after the shutoff - probably due to the heat in the head.

I’m going to call her cheetah. Crazy performance, but only for a short burst then it needs a nap :confused: unless someone else has tips (or kiriba-ru wants to run me a custom spacer for $$ :wink: ), this will probably be the handicap with this build

Reviving this thread to check is someone else has modded a S11 to becomea quad and if some, what spacer did you use!!

Looking for some experiences as this light is a good candidate for that :smiley:

Is the S21 not better as a hotrod host?

Depends on what you’re optimizing.
S21: 122.5mm x 25.9mm , 21700 or 18650 lithium battery
S11: 139mm x 33mm, 26650 or 18650 lithium battery

Smallest size? S21 Longest Runtime? S11 Peak Current? Might be a wash if 18650 are still the highest-rated for peak current.

I mean the keepower I use maxes at I believe 15A but the sheer capacity is what I’m liking.

Also update: light is great not sure what happened but it doesn’t crap out anymore!

Or with different words: if you have more surface area, you can get more power and don’t care if you need to take it with bare hands.
You can turn on S2+ and take it to your hands after some time, it will be comfortable if the output has not exceeded 5W.
S21 gives you 20% more.
S11 gives you 45% over S21.