MANAFONT Cash Back Campaign for BLF Members [3rd Episode]

Greeting everybody

This is Jim from Manafont, I'm happy to announce the third episode of

Cash Back Campaign for BLF Members

For the third episode of Cash Back Campaign, we have various flashlight products and LED products for BLF members to enjoy to up 50% discount after cash back! And as we promised, this time we would like offer something special and exclusive to existing BLF members (with 3 months membership+), just keep scrolling down read on!


Mr. Admin of BLF and Manafont have joined hand together and created even more traffic to the forum, and now we would like to push this further in order to let the community grow stronger and bigger by turning more visitors into members of the community.


If you are reading this as a Guest, you better register an account with BLF now and get yourself involved! Because you can take advantage of the Cash Back Campaign only if you are a BLF member. We have hand picked 10 items to begin with the third episode of Cash Back Campaign.

Taiwan 3W 380nm UV Flashlight Drop-in Module (4.2V Max) - Price after 33% cash back $7.40

Ultrafire WF-503B Flashlight Tube (No LED Emitter) - Price after 33% cash back $8.04

UltraFire RL-168 HA-III OSRAM 3-Mode LED Flashlight - Price after 45% cash back $13.75

Ultrafire U20 Cree XP-G R5 Waterproof LED Flashlight - Price after 33% cash back $12.95

Protected TrustFire 18650 3.7V 2400mAh (2pc/set) - Price after 30% cash back $7.27

Ultrafire 4 x CR123A/2 X 18650 Battery Holder(4pcs/Set) - Price after 50% cash back $1.35

Kongyo 37-LEDs energy-saving 2W Lamp - Price after 33% cash back $2.28

Blow Sensitive Digital LED Candles (4pcs/pack) - Price after 45% cash back $2.97

Sanrenmu - Stainless Steel Folding Knife (710) - Price after 33% cash back $5.54


So you have an account with BLF now? Click the image of items you interested above and make your purchase in ebay. When you finished, return to BLF and leave me a private message with your ebay account id and item you purchased. (Your ebay id is stricly for veritifcation only, your privacy is our number one concern.) Once the transaction was verified, cash back will be given as refund to your PayPal balance. Please allow 72 hours to proceed verification and cash back.

The Rule

We all hate rules, because if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun, so to speak. However we would like to give this one basic rule here to avoid spoiling of the campaign. With the experience from the first Cash Back campaign, the rule has is added to prevent "overstocking" :

Each member of BLF is allowed to claim cash back for any two items above, once only (no two of same item). For example, if you purchased 1 x 503B Tube, 1 x T6 drop-in, and 2 x U20, you would be only entitled to claim the cash back for 1 x T6 drop-in and 1 x U20.

While this campaign is not limited to new BLF member only, we do enourage the existing BLF members not to "overstock" and leave the quota for the new members.

Now... here come the Special Offer for the Existing BLF Members

So you have the BLF membership? And you had it for over 3 months already? (Before 23-Jan-2011 23-Dec-2010)

Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module /w Bonus Orange Peel Reflector - Price after 33% cash back $10.99

If you are a reading this as a guest, do not hesitate to register with BLF now! So later you can benefit from the Special Offer for the existing BLF members too!

Best Regards


Notice: Manafont reserves the rights to make final judgement in case of contention/disputation.

Thanks Jim. No good deal for me whatsoever this time because of the $2 shipping for non us people.

Sorry for this negative first reply but you did't even bother responding to my questions in the last round so take this as my vengeance. :P

Hi Jim thanks for the cash back sales.

One question do the ultrafire drop-in drive the led to 3 Amps.

Some reports say that the newer one drive the led to 1.4A and not 3A

"(Before 23-Jan-2010)" - supposedly 2011.

It's an XM-L T6? I guess you have me sold.

Are there any reviews for that one, BTW?


Search THEN ask.

+$2 for each item or only once for a whole order?

The last time i ordered they charged me $2 for each item.

Nice offers...

huh, I just bought the Taiwn 380nm, the Trustfire 18650 and the XM-L drop-in several weeks ago from the site... think I'll get cash back?

Not much left to choose from for me. :( (maybe just the U20?)

I wish I had signed up when I started reading here. I would like one of those XML's. I've been holding off since I don't have a host yet other than my unbored 6p.

I will probably go for the XM-L again... im weak for those. But i don't understand all the love for ebay. Afterall they charge them for 10% and the listing for doing exactly nothing in return. Would rather give the extra 10% to MF instead of ebay and perhaps save on shipping that way. I mean it's their call they can do it any way they like but not knowing their agenda looks alike a waste of resources to me.

For me it has also a serious disadvantage. If i order a few things my customs would not care for cashback and charge me taxes for the listing price... Not a true bargain if i order above 22€ in listed price on ebay. I wish MF would reconsider the methodology since most EU countries might have the same issues as i do. Unfortunately i have no better options to suggest to MF in that matter.

How many of you care for this? Just curious...

I hope not.

2$ for each item renders about half the offers not worth it (under 10% discount).

Budgeteer, it's probably a way to draw people from ebay to Manafont's store, since their prices are low to begin with, which puts them at the top of searches for lowest price.

Why don't they do it all the time, I don't know...

Thanks MANAFONT! Well done!

I will purchase the U20 and the XML dropin!!!!

Thanks Jim!

Hi Jim!

Thank you for this!

I missed the two first campaigns and have an urgent need for another T6 drop-in 0:)

I should have signed up sooner.

I guess ill just add it to my ebay watchlist so i can see what i cant have.

Thanks Jim,

Since I live in the US, will I be charged $2 shipping for each item? Your ebay verbiage suggests that there is no shipping charge to the US. So shipping is free for US customers? I just want to be clear on that.

"Shipping: $2.00 Economy Shipping from outside US"

after further reading i guess i do qualify for the other items just not the special. i just purchased the u20 on ebay.

so is it free shipping?

if its not do you combine shipping for multiple items? thx

Thanks for the nice offers, Jim!


PM sent - purchased the XM-L.

PM sent - purchased the 503B and the 18650 2 pack.

My join date of 1-2-11 seems to have barely made the 3 month membership. That "23-Jan-2010" better have been a typo because all I saw was "And you had it for over 3 months already?" which I have.


The last campaign it was $2 insured airmail for the whole package. I was initially charged $2 for each item, but the extra shipping charges were refunded.

For the First cash back offer, I was charged $10 for 5 items.

For the Second cash back offer, i was charged $4 for 2 Items.

i guess this sale made ebay crash. i can't get to it right now.