Manafont ordering problem

Yesterday i gave an order from manafont for sku: 6633 and sku: 6854 , and made payment by paypal. After 10 hours there is no confirmation email and no order in my account at manafont. i contacted manafont team and they said we are preparing your order... i gave 10 orders from DX up to now but no such problem. is there any one have this problem before with manafont?

Give it three days (Manafont's typical turnaround from what I've found) and see if you get any kind of follow up. It should show up in your order history or you should get some kind of notification from Manafont.

Same thing happens at KD if you order without logging in first. It will get sorted

I have had that happen before were I forgot to log in and you won't get any Mana points either. You can log into your Paypal account and make sure the payment went through and as long as it did you will still get your order. You can also get the transaction number from Paypal and email Manafont with the transaction number and you should be able to track your order that way if you really need to.

Manafonts shipping is so much faster it's worth the extra bit of cash .. plus when I contacted them they actually responded .. go figure

Fortunately they respond few hours ago. what i understand from their explanation when you linked to paypal page to make payment you have to go back to manafont page if its not redirected automotically. Otherwise, system couldn't understand that payment of the order have been made. And they said that my order has shipped to the postoffice today. Comparing with DX, MF has a really fast service :) Up to now shortest time of DX to post any item to post office was 6 days... Anyway, i hope MF can suggest competitive prices comparing with DX in the future...

my order at manafont has been processing for 11 days. im not feeling the love over any of the other HK joints.

though solarforce only took a couple of weeks.

screw em, after this if i need a light ill get them from shiningbeam or do without.

That is really strange for Manafont I have received orders to NH in as little as 8 days. What did you order?

i think its better to ask online wether item in stock or not although its look like in stock. Then, you can guess delivery time.

1 x Trustfire F15-T6 3-Mode 1000-Lumen LED Flashligh (1*18650) $24.50
1 x Stainless Steel Manual-Release Folding Knife (6261) $11.49
1 x Sanrenmu - Stainless Steel Manual-Release Folding Knife (738) $11.23
1 x UltraFire UF-980L 980-Lumen T6 Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650) $43.00
Payment Method
PayPal Express

Sub-Total $90.22
Free Air-mail Delivery (Standard Air-Mail By Hong Kong Post) $0.00
Total $90.22
Order History
Date Status Remark
06/11/2011 Pending
06/12/2011 Processing Your order is being processed.

strange or not this is the last i heard from them. waiting on e mail return from 6/21.

like i said not feeling the love.

I have some knives on order from Manafont and this is the longest I have ever waited for them to ship something.

actually it was the 980L and they hope to ship next week, though with july 4 weekend big here in the states i doubt i will see this shipment before the 6th or 7th putting the total at just about four weeks (original order 6/10).

the good part is they answered my email in under 48 hours, so i will order from them again, but only if it something i really want ( like the BLF edition lights)

i still think, if they have what you want, the extra for shiningbeam is worth it. personal opinion.