Manker T02

All I can say at this point is I like the looks of it. Will wait for a decent review to choose to buy or not. But as of right now, I want one.

Fiat Multipla….world‘s ugliest car ever! Michael Schumacher surely regrets his participation into this advertisement until today.

I like it. Shame Manker don’t do group buys.

Yeah, it’s not a great-looking light, but I’ll welcome any innovation in the AA category. At 800 lumens, it’s competitive with most 1x18650 lights, especially if they make it current-controlled (which would be an improvement over most budget 18650 lights). Hopefully, it can sustain the full 800 lumens, even if it drains the batteries fast.

I like it, any news about when it will go on sale? New photos or videos?

I upload later

I personally love the design. Not trying to conform to the masses.

I had purchased a T01 this year and had to return it as it was defective and flickered when used with a 14500.

Hope the quality control is better as I would love to own one.

+1 on not using glue so you can easily mod it.

+1 on good driver efficiency!

i hope the tailcap isn’t like all my cross-threaded nitecore ec4s’! i don’t mind ugly. as long as it has a nice personality

aginthelaw “i don’t mind ugly. as long as it has a nice personality” :THUMBS-UP:

looks like the same TERRIBLE switch they used on the U11

worst design ever

Finally a small side-by-side AA. I think I’ll buy it…

More info on that:


First youtube review: here (warning - not English)



I Like it. I’ll buy one.

I really like the tail cap design! Now if only the UI wasn’t rediculous I’d have ordered already!

Anyone out there that has one of these? I’ve been on a side by side kick lately and a 2xAA SxS is of interest.

Main things I’m curious of are the build quality, particularly the battery cap mechanism, if the NW version is tolerable and what CCT it is, and how the UI is in practice

Bought one on Black Friday, received it 12/27. Nice light with a quality build. Here’s my question….how do you unlock the light. Instructions tell you how to lock it, but not unlock it! And I tried repeating the lock procedure and it didn’t work. Took the batteries out, didn’t work either.

Edit: Turns out it was the lock procedure to unlock it. I tried it several times and it didn’t work. Tried many other combinations to no avail. Kept at it with the lock procedure and it finally worked.

Build quality is good, but the tailcap threading is very small and easy to cross thread. It takes me a few tries to get the tail screw aligned correctly with the body threads.
My light is flakey. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it triggers a low voltage warning when the cells are full. Sometimes it gets confused and stops responding to button presses. Usually, I have to remove the tailcap and reinstall it, to reset the driver.
I did have the same problem with lockout. I think I fixed it by switching from AA batteries to 14500 batteries. Mine works a bit better on 14500 cells. By better, I mean the driver doesn’t get confused as often as it does on AA cells.
I also have a Maker U21 and it has even worse issues that the T02. I’m not buying any more Manker products.

I have one of these and really like the design, brightness, etc. However, it has a bad parasitic drain, and if I leave batteries in it for a few weeks without using it, they are dead when I go to turn it on. Using the lockout does not help and it makes no difference if I use NIMH or lithium ion cells. Right now this light is useless to me. This thread is pretty old, but does anybody have one of these still and do you have the same problem?